Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great 5K Today...

Our 2nd Annual Cody's Crew 5K was a complete success. We had a wonderful turnout and despite the slight drizzle early on the event went of without a hitch.

For those of you who ran here are the results.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September is Childhood Cancer Month!

I just want to touch base quickly before I head into work this morning.

We have been so busy of late. I was able to head up to Burlington Vermont again this year for the 100 on 100 Relay. Once again we had a wonderful time. Many of my running friends from around the country showed up and ran for Cody's Crew. We continue get people's attention while running with the Cody's Crew flag. Although we didn't win the race, we definitely did what we set out to do, "Raise awareness about neuroblastoma."

I met the family down at Great Wolf lodge in Williamsburg, VA when I returned. We spent a few days with the kids before they had to go back to school. We had a very nice time.

I injured my left foot while running up there and have not run since. I'm signed up for a 1/2 marathon on the C&O Canal on Saturday 9-11 which just happens to be Cody's Birthday. Cody would have been 8 this year. Oh how we miss him. He is still our rock.

Tomorrow the 9th I will be speaking at a cancer fund raiser in Washington D.C. The event was inspired by Cody and his story. The event is "Kill the Beast" and will be held at the Midtown Loft, 1219 Connecticut Ave. Washington D.C. The event goes from 5pm to 10pm and I will be speaking at 6pm. For those of you on Facebook, here is the link, "Kill the Beast".

I've got so many things to get done by tomorrow I didn't sleep very well.

The kids started school yesterday. As usual Justin could care less if he ever went back to school. Daniela on the other hand couldn't wait to get back and see her friends. I really hope they both do well this year. This is the second school year for them since Cody's passing so I hope they can progress, become more confident and just be happy children. It's the little things at this point.

Please don't forget our 2nd Annual Cody's Crew 5K that is coming up on September 26th. Go sign up, it is a great time for all and especially the children. "It's all about the kids."

Did you know that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Don't feel bad, most people don't. We are out to change that!