Monday, April 30, 2007

A PR with a bad wheel...

Well Louisville turned out to be a very nice race after all. After not knowing if I would run at all I'm very happy with my time in the end. I started out just trying to not hurt myself anymore. By mile 9 or so I decided that my leg was going to hold up OK so I picked the speed up and tried to make up some ground at the end. When it was all over I had a new 1/2 PR @ 1:55:38. My old 1/2 time from VA Beach was 2:00:??.
As far the race itself, Louisville has plenty to be proud of. The city itself was clean and very nice. What few hills there were all but gone after mile 5. The hills were gradual and through a park so the whole ascent was shaded and cool. My only real concern was the descent. I was really concerned that the jarring would further hurt my hamstring so I tried my best to hold back and land on the balls of my feet.
The real highlight of the race was the section of the race that went through Churchill Downs. It was really nice to run inside the track area and look at the horses going through their paces. The Kentucky Derby runs this coming weekend. So there were many horses there.
I was able to finish the race with plenty left in the tank so I felt pretty good. My leg did hurt a little after the race but after a few Advil and many beers I was feeling pretty good. I also had the chance to meet a very nice online friend after the race. My buddy Mr. Green drove over an hour to come and say "hello". He and his wife are very nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them.

That's about all I can say. For anyone who is looking for a nice Spring time half Louisville is one to consider. Very nice town and the race itself was pretty organized as a whole. I give it a 'A' grade.

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