Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nice run today...

I had a pretty good run today. The temps were more to my liking so I did a nice 5 at lunch. The first 2 were warm up and the rest was tempo at about 7.5 pace.

Here is a picture of my new shirt I had made.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today was a great day!!!!

Today Cody had his bone scan and the preliminary results are negative. What this means is that other than a couple of doctors visits for blood work, he won't have to get anymore tests until December... This is so great! I'll be posting some new pictures soon... My second son Josh is here and visiting for the summer. He's growing up so quick.. It won't be long when he want anything to do with old dad... :(

It's been about two weeks since I stopped taking Zocor. I took off last week from running and it has helped heal the little aches and pains... I started running again Saturday when I put in a mid/long 11 miler. I also did a 5 on Monday and Tuesday. I'll get back at it tomorrow with another 5. I'm still trying to decide what training program I'm going to use for the upcoming Philly marathon. I am hell bent on BQing that race. It should be nice because I'll get to meet up with some of my Runners World Forum friends..
Here are a couple of pictures from Daniela's dance recital.
Daniela and her little cousin Beth.... Don't they look so grown up? :D
My big girl after her grand performance...

Here is a Justin and Daniela birthday combo..

Cody hitting the Putt Putt links...

Monday, June 11, 2007

I can't keep doing this...

After a little more than one week I have decided to take myself off Zocor. This stuff is bad news. As many of you know my doctor put me on this medicine after my last blood test. Well since I have taken it I have noticed drastic changes in my mood, energy and over all muscle soreness.
I have become extremely irritable to the point that everything my wife and kids say pisses me off. My runs this past week have made me question why I even run. I have NO energy and it's all I could do to complete my long run yesterday. My muscles are sore and just don't have it. By the time 9 pm rolls around I'm dead tired and grumpy as all get out.
I started taking this medicine because my doctor prescribed it but I don't think it is meant for someone with my lifestyle. It actually steals all my energy from my legs and body. At this rate I'll be divorced by August. I've never been accused of being low key but even I see the difference in myself since I started taking this stuff. I didn't set out looking for side effects when I started taking Zocor. I've just noticed all of these changes in myself since I started taking it.
If your doctor wants you to start taking any cholesterol medicine I recommend that you research it thoroughly before taking it. Also make sure you doctor is fully aware of your active lifestyle.

Friday, June 8, 2007


The heat index was in the 100s today. I tried to do 7 at lunch and all I could do was 5. I hope to get out in the morning for a run before our busy weekend starts... :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today was a very special day.....

Cody had his pre K graduation. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.
As you can see he is shy like me. :D He has no problem singing or being himself in large groups of people.

And he always follows the girls, just like Dad... :D I'm so proud of him...

Here is a picture from his sisters birthday party last weekend.

Here she is making her wish.. We had the party at a pottery studio. It was actually pretty nice. The kids were pretty low key because they were busy...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's been a week?

Wow, I just realized I hadn't posted in a week. I've been very busy and just trying to keep everything going. I did 8 today at lunch and it didn't come easy. The first 3 were very hard. The legs just didn't have it. From the 4th on it went OK. I'll try to keep up a little better in the future. Hey GB! What up kid?