Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today was a great day!!!!

Today Cody had his bone scan and the preliminary results are negative. What this means is that other than a couple of doctors visits for blood work, he won't have to get anymore tests until December... This is so great! I'll be posting some new pictures soon... My second son Josh is here and visiting for the summer. He's growing up so quick.. It won't be long when he want anything to do with old dad... :(

It's been about two weeks since I stopped taking Zocor. I took off last week from running and it has helped heal the little aches and pains... I started running again Saturday when I put in a mid/long 11 miler. I also did a 5 on Monday and Tuesday. I'll get back at it tomorrow with another 5. I'm still trying to decide what training program I'm going to use for the upcoming Philly marathon. I am hell bent on BQing that race. It should be nice because I'll get to meet up with some of my Runners World Forum friends..
Here are a couple of pictures from Daniela's dance recital.
Daniela and her little cousin Beth.... Don't they look so grown up? :D
My big girl after her grand performance...

Here is a Justin and Daniela birthday combo..

Cody hitting the Putt Putt links...

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