Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been a while, I know...

I just thought that I would post a little family update. Diane told me I had better post something or you all would stop checking in... :)

Life has been a blur. Daniela and Justin have many things going on now. Staying busy is the best thing for them right now. Us too.... I took Daniela to Father/Daughter bowling on Saturday night. We didn't get started until late so we didn't get home until midnight. We both had a great time but we also both agree that 3 games were probably a little much. I won't be going pro anytime soon I know that...

Justin had his first Boy Scout camp out this weekend. No Dad this time. He seemed very tired when he got home yesterday so he must have had a good time. He and I go for our swim test on Tuesday night as a requirement for the canoe trip we will be taking next month. I can't wait for that. It sounds like a blast. I know he is going to love it.

Diane seems to be getting back to her old self a little everyday. We still miss Cody so. He and his spirit are everywhere in this house. The four of us constantly mention to each other that "Cody would like that" or "This was Cody's favorite." Here is a picture of something that Daniela wrote in the driveway. She didn't know that Diane saw it. It pretty much sums up the way we are all feeling right now.

I'm not sure what the stuff to the right is but you can see what she was trying to say.

The weather has turned very hot the past few days. It seems as though we skipped spring and jumped right into 90 degree summer temps. I have been getting back into my running. It seems as though it will be the vehicle that carries the word of Cody's Crew Foundation. More and more of my friends at Runners World Forum running races and raising money in Cody's name. We had our first board meeting last week and getting things ready to roll. We are planning many fund raising events including a 5K race. If all goes well it will be a yearly event.

Logos are coming in as I type. There are about 10 days left until I post the entries. Once one is picked it will be the face of Cody's Crew. We will put it on everything.

I ordered the new Cody's Crew bracelets yesterday. They are going to be camo like the others but instead of saying just Cody's Crew, they will give the web address.

I thank all of you for continuing to check in. I promise to try and post a little more often. Please check the web site. I have added a new page called "Kid of the Month." There I will honor a child who presently fighting the beast and an angel who is playing with our Cody... Please check them out....

God Bless!!!


In Due Time said...


I think about your family often. Many prayers, still. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating us....I have not forgotten your Cody, even though we have never met. I know the same is true for so many others across the country/world. Just wanted you to know he has touched my life forever. I know in my heart I am a better mother because of you and Cody and your courage to tell your story. Thank you.
Sending you all wishes of peace and healing from Connecticut.

delighted heart said...

You all are still in our prayers. Please talk to Daniella and tell her God didn't do this to Cody. He doesn't give people cancer. He doesn't need another angel in heaven or a flower in his garden. Jesus never gave anybody cancer and He also said "If you've seen me then you've seen the Father". If she thinks God did this then her little mind will be wondering when is God going to do this to me....And she will not want anything to do with God. God is good all the time and He loves you more than you love your own kids. Look up John 10:10...It's the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy...Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. I can't give you and her the complete answer but I know it wasn't God. Still praying for you! God bless!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are pulling together more-that's good!

And it's good to hear that you are talking about Cody and keeping his memory alive. He was, and will remain, a big part of your family, too. Nothing can take that away...nothing.

My guess is that Daniela was writing it both ways: "why God?" and "God, why?". But I could be wrong.

Am also glad to hear about Daniela and Justin. :-)

You all remain in our prayers and thoughts.

Kelli said...

God holds the reasons why, and someday this will all make sense. My thoughts are with you all and I wish you the greatest of blessings in your fight against childhood cancer.

The Leighton Family! said...

I will never stop checking in on your family! Your wonderful angel son Cody was a hero to us all. Cody and his family has left their imprint on my heart forever...Gob Bless!

Just an ordinary woman said...

Thank you for updating us... We too miss Cody and reading about him all the time and it has been really nice to hear how the rest of you are getting on...

I know Cody must be smiling down on you and very proud and humbled by all that you are doing in his and His name.

South Africa

Gettin Older said...

Still checking in. Michael had his first no Dad camp out this past weekend.

Dottie O said...

I love the picture of you and Daniela. She looks just like her Mom.

It's so good that you keep talking about Cody. I remember wanting to talk about my brother after he died and getting hushed up because people thought it would make my mother sad.

Can't wait to see the winning logo.


Anonymous said...

You continue to be an inspiration to so many. I have not seen whether you were planning to attend the PW Relay for Life next week (May 8). I am sure many people will be thinking of you and your family - with special feelings for Cody.
Although we have only met a few times (my wife, Jenn, first met you at the hospital delivering Scout wishes to Cody), I do remember you braving the foul weather last year.
If you cannot attend, please know that Jenn's team "Cancer Crushers" will be walking with Cody's spirit pushing us on.

Rich & Jenn Bacz

MB said...

I can't imagine getting a good enough answer to the "whys" this side of Heaven. Thank God He gives us peace which surpasses understanding. Our little boy went to Heaven in February. We are sharing in your sorrow and praying for your comfort.

Anonymous said...

You continue to be an inspiration to so many. We have met a few times, as my wife Jenn had delivered the Scout's poster to Cody at Gtown. My son is also in Pack 1355.
I remember last year at the Manassas Relay for Life that you walked through the rain when most people gave up. I was wondering if we would see you there this year. I know things are difficult, and if you are not able to be there we will all pause to remember the gift that is Cody. He will push us, as he pushes you, to do the extra mile. When we pause to remember during the opening ceremony, as well as the luminarias, we will think of him.
As far as we see, you are a team member of Jenn's Cancer Crushers.

Hopefully we will see you on May 8

Rich Bacz

Kandi Harris said...

Diane and Mickey,

Thank you for keeping the posts going. They (the posts) keep us connected to you and give us hope that you are doing a little better each day.

The "Cody's Crew Foundation" website is awesome and I have forwarded it to everybody in my address book with a letter about Cody and his courage in fighting the fight. Email blasts are a great way to spread the word.

Please let me know what I can do to help.

Your family is very loved.

Anonymous said...

Tons of hugs coming your way!!


Aggie said...

Thanks for the update on your family! We continue to pray for all of you every day!

Aggie Lawler