Monday, July 6, 2009

We are still here....

Just thought that I would drop a few lines on you all. We had a pretty busy 4th. I rented a log splitter so I could try and get that tree split up and stacked. Thank God for Chris and his friend Kenin. They came by on Friday and helped me split all the logs. That was a huge job even with 3 people. We have enough wood to last us 5 years or more.

Saturday we all took a trip up to Shenandoah River to do a little canoeing. Well, we thought it was going to be a little canoeing but it turned out to be over 6 1/2 hour canoe trip. You have no idea how sore our arms are.

We are working out the final details of our inaugural Cody's Crew 5K run and Tot Trot. I will be posting the information here and on the website. You will be able to register for the race online very soon. We are very excited about this event and we think it is going to be a huge success.

Thank all of you for you continued support and prayers for my family. As hard as it is we must keep going. We miss our son and brother everyday. This is a year of firsts and Saturday was the first 4th of July without Cody. He was missed more than you could know.


BIG MO said...

I haven't made any comments for
awhile, but I do keep looking at
the new picture you put up of CODY.
I sure do love that picture. It
seems as tho he is saying I'm free of all that bad pain..... I think of Cody often as I know you all do.
Glad to hear that you had such an
interesting July weekend.
LOVE to all of you... MOM

MB said...

The new picture you posted of Cody is great. He looks so free. We know how hard all these firts are. Keep hanging in there.

Cameron said...

Like your mom, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Cody running on the beach! Think of you every day and you all are always in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you all had a good but long time canoeing down the Shenandoah River. It definitely was a beautiful day for it. Cody would have loved it and I am sure he was with you in some way.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie O said...

Paddling is a lot harder than it looks. I'm glad to see you are doing a lot of things together, Cody loves that, I'm sure.


Just an ordinary woman said...

I absolutely love the new pic of Cody.. such joy and freedom...

TiredMamaRunning said...

I love the photo above, as others have mentioned. You guys have done a great job with putting together the 5K! Wish I lived close enough to run it but will forward on the info to my sister-in-law in Ashburn when registration opens. :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know we are still thinking of you all.

Keep up the good work.

Susan and Jonathan