Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello out there!!!!

I thought that I would update what is happening in our lives.

Well, both Justin and Daniela were at camp all week. Daniela came home today and Justin returns tomorrow. Daniela was at a camp down in Leonardtown MD. Justin was on the Chesapeake Bay north of Baltimore.

Diane's brother and his family are visiting from Japan. They will be here for 3 weeks. We are all sitting in the family room watching a movie.

It's hard to believe but school will be starting again in a month. This spring started out great. We were getting rain every other day and the grass was green. Now, we are watching our beautiful grass turn brown and we pray for rain everyday.

I have been running more and more and I'm into my 3rd week of my 18 week marathon training period. I have a very busy racing schedule coming up. It all kicks off in 3 weeks up in Vermont. I will be running the Vermont 100 Mile Relay with 11 of my close running friends. The total of 12 runners make up 2 Cody's Crew teams that are going to run. I'm really looking forward to it. Two weeks after that I'm running in the Annapolis 10 miler. This a pretty hilly race but it is nice because it finishes at the Navy Football stadium in Annapolis. Labor Day weekend I head to Virginia Beach for the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon. I've done this race twice before and it is one of my favorites. After I head to D.C. for the Army 10 miler. This is a race I've done many times. I really don't like it as much as Annapolis but I will be with good friends and that makes it all worth it... Then comes the big one. November 1st is the New York Marathon.. This is a race that is on my top 10 to-run list. Enough about that...

Now for the big announcement. September 26th is the First Annual Cody's Crew 5K, Miler and Tot Trot. Go to our website and click on the tab for the 5K, Mile and Tot Trot. I have all the forms that you may need. If you want to be a sponsor, participant or volunteer. We are planning a special day. Please drop by and check it out...

Everyday that passes is a little less painful but it doesn't make us miss Cody any less. I picked the picture that is now on this blog as the silhouette for the race shirt. It is perfect.

Thank you for stopping by. I will definitely try to do a better job of posting. It is very hard to write things that I think you will all want to read or care about.

God Bless!


BIG MO said...

Sure was good to hear from you again.Hope you have a nice visit with the relations from Japan.You sure are doing a lot of running.
Have fun but don,t over do it ! !
Check your email because I put a
note on there for all you guys just
yesterday.Love and kisses to you all. MOM

Cameron said...

We love reading anything that you want to talk about...anything. So, blog away when you are up to it. I think the silhouette shirt will be beautiful. That was the perfect picture to choose. Good luck in all your races and let us know how you do. Like you mom said, don't over do it. Enjoy your visit with your brother in law. We think of you everyday and keep you and your family in our prayers. Cody will always be near you no matter how many days or years pass by. He will always be missed even by those who never met him. Much love.


Dottie O said...

Good to read a new entry. I stop by here a few times a week anyway, and always check the website for news. In my hometown in Maine there is an upcoming fundraiser for a 4 y/o boy with NB. I emailed the BOP website to the parents.

I'll bet the shirts look great.


elizabethnyc said...

Thanks for the update, Mickey, it's good to hear what you all are up to. Thinking of you and Diane and Justin and Daniela, and praying that your sadness passes a little bit more each day, at the same time that you're all able to take pleasure from your wonderful memories of Cody.

Anonymous said...

Mickey, I love the picture of Cody - so free and happy!!

Hope all is well with both you and Diane - I think of you often and send you strength.

Dan told me about the 9/26 run - unfortunately, Warren and I will be on a cruise. I wish you much success.

Hugs to you and Diane,

Madison G said...

Diane- i talked to the lovely ladies at the 4H office, and they said if Daniela wants to do fair camp she can. i can bring by the registration forms tomorrow [being friday] and drop them off at the office for you if youd like. let me know :]

Anonymous said...


We always love to hear from you. Glad to hear the kids are enjoying the summer at a couple of camps.

Can't wait for the shirts to be printed.

Susan and Jonathan