Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Morning All!!!

I just wanted to make a quick post this morning before I have to go to class. I found out last night that we are soon going to lose another beautiful child to the beast. Owen Lea, who lives in Maryland and was on the first return flight back from New York that we took with Cody. He has battled the beast for 6 years and his family is about to go through HELL. As Diane says, "we would gladly take the daily trips to Georgetown and the sleepless nights if we could still have our boy."

Please pray for Owen and his family. Here is his website.

We love and miss you Cody!!!


Kandi Harris, Friendswood Texas said...

Micky and Diane,

My prayers are consistently for all the children and their families who are fighting this terrible beast but I also pray that a cure is found very soon.

As long as you two are fighting the fight, I know in my heart it will happen.

See you soon,
Kandi Harris

Trish said...

I'm praying for Owen and all the Neuroblastoma kids and families. It is so hard to know that people are suffering. I know we what we are doing with Cody's Crew is going to help make the difference for some of these kids and families in the future. That has to be our drive and our focus and we have to keep going strong just like these little fighters.