Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bid to make a difference..

"On December 12, Shannon McGinn (a 4 year cancer survivor) who happens to be a very good friend of ours will be racing her first 100 mile race, the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Race for Cody's Crew Foundation. To support our efforts to fight nueroblastoma and to encourage Shannon to not give up when the struggle beings, please consider a making a small donation, i.e. $10.00 which is only $0.10 per mile. Thank you for your help with our fight! If online tracking becomes available, please return here to check this link (http://www.fleastcoastrunners.com/Races-Ancient_Oaks.html) on 12/12 to follow her progress."

Shannon running the NCR marathon this past Saturday.

Shannon has raced in many races with me. She also was on the Cody's Crew of Beach Bound Pirates who ran in Hampton VA this past May. She is a very strong and gifted runner who has battled cancer herself. She has made being the best runner she can be her mission. We are grateful to have her running for Cody's Crew. Please show your support and pledge on her behalf. Go to the Cody's Crew Events page to pledge.

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