Thursday, December 11, 2008

A long, long day.....

Cody and I headed into Georgetown this morning after we saw the other two off on the school bus. Diane seemed to contract the same thing that the rest of us have had over the past couple weeks. She came home ill yesterday after work but seems to be feeling better this evening.

So we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for about 90 minutes while heading in. Funny what a little rain will do. When we got to the clinic they accessed Cody's port and drew blood for the HAMA test. After they drew the blood the young intern doctor came in to check Cody out. She did the normal stuff and Cody cooperated with her very well. When he isn't spending all of his time in the hospital he actually is very easy going. When she finished we headed back out of the room so Cody could play with the other children and Jenny. It wasn't long he had to go back in. Dr. Gonzales was doing clinic so he had to go in and let her do the same things the intern did. After finishing she looked at me and mentioned that she was concernded about Cody's eyes. She said they looked a little yellow. She then wanted to draw more blood for other tests. This was not real popular because they had already de-accessed his port. So after getting more blood and sending it out Dr. Gonzales came in and filled me in on her concerns. She said that the yellowing in the eyes was a sign that he is having problems with his liver. The blood test confirmed this so she sent us down for an ultra sound. This was the point that I was kinda glad that Diane was feeling under the weather. She would normally have called me about 5 times by now and if she knew the blood numbers before we got results from the ultra sound she would be worrying to death. So after the tests the Dr. was felling much better. She told me that the liver numbers might have been caused by a viral infection. He is much more vulnerable than you or I when it comes to the bugs that are out and about this time of year. So they drew another batch of blood to do more tests and scheduled him to come in next week.

You can see how our temporary relaxed state can be thrown into a tailspin in a single moment. I'm bushed....


BIG MO said...

That sounded like a real trip in at
the hospital today. Seems like it sounded good one minute & then went
the other way the next.Now it's back to the waiting game again to
see.When is he scheduled next week?Will keep praying for GOOD results.
Those were very good pic's that you
took in NY.That place is too big
for me.Hope you got to see SURVIVOR
and what about the game coming up
on Sunday!!!!!!! Later,

209Mike said...

Sheesh. Tough day indeed. Way to hang in there. Keep the faith.

Dottie O said...

All the twists and turns and angst that go with them...

Keeping prayers your way,


Anonymous said...

No wonder you were bushed! There was a lot going on. I hope the tests come back ok. Good job, on dealing with everything yesterday with ease. Continuing to pray for y'all.

Susan and Jonathan

elizabethnyc said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers for good results on Cody's tests.


Anonymous said...

Continued prayers of strength and healing!
God Bless,