Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some good, some not so good....

I took Cody into Georgetown today. He had his blood drawn and we waited for Dr. Abu-Gosh to get the results. She came in and looked at him. She said he looked pretty good except for the very noticeable tint to his skin and his eyes. As far as his blood goes all the high numbers except for his Bilirubin numbers are back to normal. The yellowing is caused by the Bilirubin numbers. Many of you may have heard of Yellow Jaundice in small newborns. It's basically the same thing.

They have scheduled an MRI for Friday. The ultrasound that was done last week didn't show anything in his liver but the MRI is much better.

He is doing very well besides his outward appearance. Right now we just don't know what is going on. It's good that all the other numbers are back to normal. We just don't know why his Bilirubin numbers are so elevated. It could be that his liver is recovering from a virus and it just doing it in it's own way. Or, well, I just don't want to think or mention what else it could be. I've seen so much bad come to these little warriors. I pray that it is nothing....


BIGMO said...

It sounds good but it's like we are walking on a fence until they do the MRI. It at least makes us
feel a little better.God bless the
BIG GUY. Will he be going back to NY again as planned? Let's all pray for a good report from the MRI
Today would have been Darrin's 44th
birthday & it is Reggis's. Will be
watching for your next POST.

Trish said...

My bilirubin is still high 6 years after chemo. It is something to keep your eyes on to make sure it is under control, but for me it is just a lingering side effect, hopefully that is all it is for Cody.

Gettin Older said...

Thanks for the update. I was able to pray for the little fighter over almost 3 1/2 hours and 20 miles last weekend. I plan on doing it again this weekend. Just a few more weeks until Mississippi Blues....

Anonymous said...

The news is good that his numbers are down, and we will continue to pray that the MRI comes back with good results.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Mickey my family and I continue to pray for Cody and your family and we eagerly await the positive results from Friday's MRI. I hope and pray you all can be home and together for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Prayerfully, the yellowing condition will resolve itself. As someone mentioned, the good news is the numbers are down. Cody is such a strong little trooper.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Friday to hear that there was a great MRI report.

Hugs to Cody!!


Dottie O said...

I've been out of town and unable to check in since last week.

It sounds like the numbers are heading in the right direction.

What a fun time at the football game!


elizabethnyc said...

Prayers said that the MRI gives you some good news on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Praying for good news from the MRI.

Susan and Jonathan