Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you for the prayers.....

I just spoke to Diane and she gave me the preliminary results of the MRI today. She said that from what they could see, he is looking pretty good. There was nothing that stood out as being a problem. Also, his bilirubin numbers are down dramatically. They were in the 800's and are now down in the 200's. I truly believe it's the prayers that are doing the job. God is great!

I will post later and give you the latest as soon as she gets home...

Thank you very much......

Also, if you live in the Washington D.C. viewing area Diane said that at 5pm they are going to have a spot on the channel 7 news about Georgetown Clinic. I don't know if that means Cody is going to be on there or not but you can get a better idea of what it is like down there.


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, it's nice to hear good news so far, and nice to hear the liver numbers are heading in the right direction!

Thanks for keeping us posted!

prayers continue,

runnergeel said...

Good News! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jen said...

Good to hear from you. We have been following your blog every since the beach. We think of you often.
Jen Brewer

Samantha said...

So glad for the good news!
Continued prayers... Merry Christmas to each of you.


Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!! I am so glad to hear the good news. It has not only been out prayers, but also yours' and Diane's trust in the Great Physician. No HAMA, Great blood work, lower biliruben numbers those are the best gifts of this season. Here is sending neverending prayers and good health. Love BigSis

Gettin Older said...

GOOD NEWS! Glad to hear it. Now you can relax a bit and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen!!!

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

Anonymous said...

Mickey that is great news! Merry Christmas!

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

All this news has been good to hear
and I suppose you won't hear anything about the MRI results until tomorrow. It will be nice if you all can spend Xmas at home. You
two don't know if you are coming
or going. I sure hope the MRI tests
show everything to be fine. I'll be checking the blog often.
LOVE to all of you, MOM

Dottie O said...

Lots of good news!

Enjoy your Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Mickey, Glad to hear the good news. My prayers continue, because I am with you, I think that is what makes it all happen. I was just down in Jacksonville doing another race and got to that point when you start to ask why do I continue to do this and came up on mile 22 and 23 and said that is why. What I am doing is nothing compared to what Megan and Cody have to endure.
God Bless,