Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Upcoming stuff......

I just thought that I would give all of you a little heads up on some upcoming events.

On April 18-19 there is going to be a 24 hour run for cancer which is going to be held in Hampton VA. A team has been put together and the name of that team is "Capt. Cody's Crew of Beach Bound Pirates", which is the brain child of my good friend Bill Allen. Geetah as he is so affectionately called on the Runners World Forum is one of the best ultra marathoners in the country. Here is one of his latest accomplishments. Bill is the 3rd guy from the right in the back row with the long hair. He and I met in Annapolis MD when I was running the Annapolis 10 miler. Anyway, our team consists of the anchor, "me" because I haven't been running nearly enough and many other of my RW friends. Although the entry fee for this race is going to American Cancer Society, some of the team members are raising money for Cody's Crew Foundation. I said it before, "I'm blessed to have such friends."

Here is the second thing I wanted to mention. Please mark on your calenders that on June 6th Cody's school is having a Cody Johnson memorial stone placed in the school garden. They are also working out the details on a fund raising idea where the kids will do laps at the school and raise money by getting pledges per lap. Diane and I are also kicking around the idea of doing a similar event on Cody's birthday, September 11th. September is also Children's cancer awareness month which most people do not know about. It is our goal to change that. So, that is about it for now. I will try to keep you all up on any new information and the progress of the website.

If any of you can make it to these events we would love to have you......

God Bless.....


Monica Cassier said...

Continue to think about you all...these days must be so difficult and I pray that you find comfort and peace...

BIG MO said...

Just read your latest post and it
all sounds great!!!! I do believe
this is great for you and Diane
because you are both so much wanting people to remember and LOVE
CODY as you all did and wanting to help prevent other kids from this
sad ending and long fight that our
BIG GUY had to go thru. That is really nice what they are doing at
his school also. I believe all that is going on is going to help
you ,Diane, and the kids too. I'm
too old and falling apart to do
any running tho!!!!! I'll keep cheering for you all.

Michelle said...

what school did Cody attend? please post the details of the events there as they are available - provided i'm not recovering from any surgeries, i would LOVE to be there to honor his memory.

- michelle

Anonymous said...

Mickey - Two beloved librarians at our local childrens library tragically lost their lives about month ago. My daughter knew them both well. The library had a service to celebrate their lives. Three children sang this poem to "help the grown-ups not feel so sad." You may have heard it before ...

Four-Leaf Clover Poem
Author: Ella Higginson

I know a place where the sun is like gold,
And the cherry blooms burst with snow,
And down underneath is the loveliest nook,
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

One leaf is for HOPE, and one is for FAITH,
And one is for LOVE, you know,
And GOD put another in for LUCK --
If you search, you will find where they grow.

But you must have HOPE, and you must have FAITH,
You must LOVE and be strong -- and so --
If you work, if you wait, you will find the place
Where the four-leaf clovers grow.

Thought it might be helpful to Diane. K (friend of Moon)

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey and Diane,
I love all these ideas, and so wish I could make it down to the Virginia events.

Know you both are in my thoughts every day,

Megan said...

Mr. Johnson, I love your idea's and I wish I could do them with you so I'll ask my family. Tell Justin Hi again.

Trish said...

Don't forget to delegate some work my way if you need any help on these events.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Both events will be emotion-filled and beautiful.

The Eadle Family said...

I wish I could go, but I will post about it on my blog to see if anyone else is in the area.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful honor the school is doing in Cody's memory. It must make both of you feel wonderful that your son made such a impact on the school.

Good luck with the race - it will be an emotional one for you - that's okay - let those tears flow.

Glad you both went to a grief counselor and the kids are going to go. Best thing you could do for your family.

It is good that you are moving forward with Cody's Crew but don't let it become the number one focus - Abby and Justin need you both right now - give them some one-on-one time. Hey, did everyone give eachother hugs today?

Hugs to you and Diane.

Cameron said...

What a beautiful tribute this will be in honor of Cody. He will always be remembered but even if this was not going to happen, I would NEVER forget Cody and his fight...and his amazing family. Still continuing to send prayers your way. HOPE---LOVE--PEACE. Take it moment by moment.


Anonymous said...

Mickey, I am so glad to hear that you are back running. Yeah! Go Capt. Cody's Crew of Beach Bound Pirates!

Susan and Jonathan