Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial weekend backyard campout.

We have had great weather this past weekend. The whole family camped in the backyard Saturday night. The kids loved it. Diane and I didn't really sleep that well though. So last night Diane opted out claiming Cody was getting a cough. Justin and I were the only ones and it was kinda special. Last night while lying there he told me that he loved me a couple of times. Even though ours is not a picture perfect family and in many cases we seem to be a very dis functional group, my kids are always quick to say how much they love us and our family.
Today is a SRD for me and my running. Saturday I did some Xtraining with the bike. I did 23 miles and my butt is still sore. Yesterday I did a nice slow 12 mile run. I can defiantly tell that summer is almost here. The humidity takes toll on runners. I may run a mile with the kids this afternoon.
Today should be pretty busy also. I'm going to smoke a turkey in the smoker. I have to tear the tent down and the kids want me to put the little pool up. I'm not too sure about that. I have to go get some sand to put on the ground first. Thanks for checking in. GB have a great rest of the weekend. Moon, I'm thinking about you and hope all goes well tomorrow...

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GB said...

I think it's wonderful when your kids say, "I love you" out of the blue and unsolicited. That says so much about your relationship with your son!

I'll fix my blog settings so it will be easier to comment... but I might be clueless about how. ;)