Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Need For Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my God! I haven't done speed work since a couple of weeks before Louisville and I hurt myself doing it... After consulting my running guru Ray Green we came up with a plan that I hope will push me to my first Boston Qualifying time in Philly. Instead of doing 1600's I cut them in half to 800's. So my work out looked something like this.

1 mile @ 8:43 warm-up
800 @ 3:36
800 @ 4:58 recovery
10 sec build up
800 @ 3:22
800 @ 6:21 recovery
10 sec build up
800 @ 3:20
800 @ 6:04 recovery
10 sec build up
800 @ 3:19
1 mile @ 9:20

Total: 5.59 miles in 50:02

I actually feel pretty good right now. I drank a glass of my recovery drink which I usually only have after long runs. During the last two 800's I did feel the lactic acid building up in my legs. I may have over run a little but I hope that it brings my times down in the next 17 weeks. I've made a real effort to lose more weight and get in the best shape I've ever been. If I don't BQ it won't be from lack of effort.


GB said...

You will BQ! Keep that in your mind at all times.
And great speed session, Deck. You are FAST! Keep that up. I'll be seeing you in Beantown.

Deck Ape said...

GB, thank you so much for the faith. I look at it this way, if I don't make it won't be from lack of effort.. Thanks..