Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation is over already?????

We just returned from our yearly Nags Head migration. The weather was great and the water was just as nice. The kids had a wonderful time as usual. I think they could live at the beach without a problem. For that matter so could I.. :D

This week starts my training for the November Philly Marathon. I've been dropping some weight in hopes that it will make me faster. I'm around 198 right now but I hope to be around 190 or less by November. 185 was my High School weight. I've have many people tell me I look great but the bad thing is I've had just as many people tell me that I'm losing too much weight. I guess they are just use to seeing me heavier.

I'll be checking it with my buddy Ray this week. He's going to help me tailor my speed work in preparation for the marathon. Training is something that you love to hate, if that makes any sense.. :D

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GB said...

One of my goals for the fall is to drop 5-10 lbs by Thanksgiving. I have a feeling it will help my speed for the marathon in December. So please share your weight loss tips!!! Thanks bud!