Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autum is here!

I don't care if it officially doesn't get here until the 23rd. I got up @ 6 a.m. this morning and headed out for 7. It was crisp and cool outside. I ended up running it almost like a tempo run. I did it in 56 minutes. If I ever do a tempo run on a track I don't think I will know how to act. I run it with hills and all. I do believe that the hills are making me a much better runner. Man there is part of me that really wants to run that Semper Fit 1/2 this Saturday in Quantico. I just want the medal. :D Oh well, I'm going to stay the coarse and do my 18 this weekend and the 20 next weekend. I'm feeling good and I want to stay healthy.

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GB said...

Hi Deck! That run sounded great. I love the air this time of year, and the long shadows. Fall is my favorite! Glad your running is going so well. Stay healthy. Keep blogging too, so I can keep up w/ your life! Hope all is well.