Sunday, September 9, 2007

Great Steeler Sunday..

I had a very nice 16 mile long run this morning. I took a semi new route and saw a couple deer and 7 turkey. Here is my break down..

#1 9:13
#2 9:01
#3 8:49
#4 9:06
#5 8:55
#6 9:11
#7 9:27
#8 8:36
#9 9:21
#10 9:26
#11 9:18
#12 9:14
#13 10:20
#14 9:46
#15 9:15
#16 9:41

Total 2:28:48 9:18 pace

We are going down to watch DC United today in DC. I'll be taking some pictures and post them later..


The 311 Boys Mom said...
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The 311 Boys Mom said...

Awesome times, I saw you on RW, thru a link from Lillie.
~~~~sorry this is so long~~~~
My son is also a cancer survivor (ALL), he will be 4 yrs off treatment November 10.

You had mentioned in a post no heavey weight training for Cody (as an adult) & you'd have to see what else.

I just want you to know, it often changes with time, i.e., they told us my son wouldn't be able to be as active as he was (travel hockey, baseball, house basketball & soccer).

He is 15 now (9yrs when Dx) & lettered (& started) on the Varsity Hockey Team & Lacrosse, as a freshman, last year. He recently started running also, he's not sure about it though.

He had a chemo (Daunomyacin) that they're finding if you had is causing heart failure if you're too active & if you had it more than once (he only had it once) you can't have any kind of transplant, even as a last resort.

He's had EKO's every year & the cardiologist spoke to us this last time, which hasn't happened yet~we all freaked out a little for a minute~, usually our oncologist just gave us the results & the cardiologist said that he's never seen a stronger or healthier heart, if he didn't see the records, he'd never know Brandon was on any chemo ever.

In all, I'm just trying to say Cody is young & resiliant & people prove Dr.'s wrong all the time.

Alot of it is attitude; Brandon made it clear, if he couldn't live his life like he loved, then he'd do it when I was at work or not with him. "Its not a life if you can't be you" he said. Which was pretty profound for a 10 year old; I'm sure I really agree with it, I want him here, longer than I'm here...

But, with as positive & supportive as your family is I'm sure you'll all be fine.

Baby Steps!

I'm not sure where you live, but you know they have AWESOME camps for kids with cancer & MOST ALL have a week for siblings!! My son loves them!!! & he can't wait for my 3 yr old to go to sibling camp next summer; Brandon will be a CIT (counselor in training) for the siblings. & his camp is the next week.

Just something you might wanna look into, its not about cancer, the camp, its about camp & kids! (most are very cheap, $75- for a week (all over night camps) here; Montana was free & air was free~~ we live in michigan). Here's a few links to teh 2 my son loves the most:

I had a minor breakdown yesterday in a post, but other than that I'm pretty normal. :)
September 12, 2007 8:27 AM