Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello there!!!!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. Busy family and work life just doesn't leave much time to post. Right now I'm well into my first of 3 long mileage weeks before my taper. I did 10 this morning in 1:21:17 and it felt pretty good. My legs feel strong and rested with no aches or pains at this point. "Knock on Wood!" I'll be running 10 tomorrow before my SRD on Saturday, then 20 on Sunday.

I found out part of my fall work schedule this week. I'll be heading to Kings Bay GA the first week of November. Then I'll be heading back out to Bremerton WA at the end of the month. This all is neatly wrapped around a very big event for me. I'm exactly 1 month away from Philly as you can see by the ticker. I haven't even started my taper and I'm already second guessing myself. Fortunately I've been through this before. You never feel like your ready I guess.

I'll try to post more pictures of the kids sometime soon. They are getting so big. Cody had his scans this week to look at his back. He has what appears to be a muscle that is larger on one side of his back. You only see it when he has his shirt off and moves a certain way. The doctor says that he has a slight curvature of the spine. They believe that it may have been caused by the radiation treatment he had. They also think that the muscle issue may have been caused by the spine. It's believed that the muscle is over compensating for the curvature of the spine.

More later.... :D

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