Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No chemo tonight!!!!

Since Cody did his last chemo of this session last night he should start feeling a little better soon. He is just so uncomfortable that it's hard for him to even talk. His mouth and throat are in really bad shape. The inside of his mouth is all red and inflamed.They decided that to give him a little morphine and hope that it would take the edge off. He will be losing his hair soon and when it starts falling out I will bring the clippers in and buzz the rest off. I've decided to cute my hair off again to show him that it is OK. It's a good thing I'm married because if I really would go bald I would be in trouble. ;)

It's 7pm and he is sleeping now. I hope he will sleep well tonight.

Thank you for all the kind words and prayers. Every word helps.....


Lori said...

Hey Mickey-
Tell Cody that his girlfriend likes her boyfriends bald! ;) I am excited to hear that the chemo is working... I just wish Cody didn't have to experience the horrible side effects. We are flooding the Heavens with prayers of healing, love, hope, courage and support for Cody and your entire family. We love you all and wish we were near.
Hugs and love,
PS-ask about using the University's gym or track if you are itchin' to run/exercise

gettin older said...

Yay, it is over (for now) Sorry about the side effects, but I'm glad it is working. y'all try to have a good evening.


Monica Cassier said...

Personally, I think bald men are HOT :-)

So glad this round is over for that cute little man!!! Love all around, prayers for his healing!!!

Think about your family often... you are on my runs and elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Sooo with Moonie here....bald is good!!!!!

Way to be the best Dad ever!!! You and Diane need to hear you rock too!!!

I am praying so hard for a miracle this Christmas. Believe!!!
Sending more love out to you and your family....

Karen (runnergeel)

Kati said...

Watch out Virginia! Two new hotties are soon to be unveiled. More prayers for Cody - does the red, swollen mouth mean canker sores to follow? More prayers...