Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!!

Since Cody is possibly going home tomorrow, they are giving him platelets tonight. In preparation of the infusion they give Benadryl but he has shown that he is allergic to this. It was decided to wait until he was asleep and give him the Benadryl in a very small dose. Well this turned out to be a very bad idea. He started to stir then even before his eyes opened he screamed "I hate you daddy!" He then began thrashing, kicking, throwing everything he could get his hands on and just looked like he was trying to crawl out of his skin. The nurse had to give him Versed to finally settle him down. After the real Cody came back he hugged me and cried, then told me he had to pee. I think we will try to avoid Benadryl from now on...

Besides the obvious he had a great day. He ate a little for my wife and had been pretty happy. I hope he awakens in a better mood. :D


Curves Ahead said...

Man, that's rough. Knowing where it comes from doesn't make it any easier to listen to.

Hope you and the little guy are hanging in there and better days are on their way.


Wolfgate said...

So sorry that happened. You're really showing a lot of strength with all you've got to deal with. I'm sure that hurt though. Hope Diane and the other kids are holding up well.

At least Cody's may be going home. I'll pray for that today.

gettin older said...

How can a person be allergic to an antihistamine? I'm glad they are getting him set to go home. We'll keep praying...


The 311 Boys Mom said...

I saw on Silly Lillie that Cody relapsed. I'm very sorry to hear that.

Your wife & I are wired the same. you're living my worst fear.

I understand the reations; my son had the same reaction from Versad & morophine, so the spinals & bonemarrows he only got Emla & a local.

Have you thought about a PORT instead of the Broviac??? He can swim, take baths, no tape to remove, no chance it could accidentally get ripped out (which I've seen happen a few times at our Hemo/Oncology clinic & at Cancer camps with my son).

Just a thought; one more thing LESS painful, it does require surgery to put in but my son even played basketball & [Flag] football with it--I had a protector made to fit it & it was great, nothing he coulda done with the broviac.

He will still get poked, but with EMLA, he really feels nothing, I just called my son & asked again & made him swear to it & he said you really dont' feel it (with Emla cream).

Also. . . . .Brandon said his next 10 goals & 20 assists are dedicated to your son. Which isn't much, but he's 15 & luckey to be playing again & we just came onto this team--15 games in & he's already 3rd in points. SO it shouldn't be too long; our home games the announcer will say it too.

I wish we were closer, my son asked if we could visit.

If you got a place for us to send stuff (cards, etc--for the sibling too) let me know.