Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day one...

I spoke to Diane last evening around 6. She said that Cody had a very rough 3 hours. Not from the pain so much but from the antihistamine that is giving as a pre-med for the 3f8 side effects. He has extremely bad reactions to Benadryl so we can't give that to him at all now. He was taking Claritin at Georgetown but they haven't given him that in NY. I guess they may start now.

Justin was really hoping for snow last night. The weather man was calling for a couple of flakes and Justin thought he might miss school. No luck. I had to take him in yesterday morning for an EKG. He was just started on meds for his attention issues. I had hoped that he would've started long ago on this but Diane tried very hard to do extra work with him instead. It has just become too much. In fifth grade he is getting more and more homework. We would spend hours at the kitchen table after school doing homework with him. He just has such a hard time focusing. So last week after many doctor visits and forms being filled out he started on a med. Concerta is the medicine they prescribed. It seems to be helping him quite a bit. He is actually sitting down and trying to tackle his home work himself which is a giant step. It should help his self esteem also. We used to get into some major shouting matches over homework and studying. This should be good for everyone.

Here are a few pictures I'd like to share.

This is Justin and Cody Sunday morning. Cody is showing Justin how it is done, even if Justin doesn't want him to.... LOL

Old man Cody with Mackinzie and Devin his niece and nephew.

Here is a picture of a gang of kids as they beat up some old man... :) Actually this was the day before Corie left for Guam. She called the other day and seemed to be in good spirits. She said it is very hot which we all expected. I cold go for some of that hot weather right about now...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that he had such a hard time with the antihistamine. I hope to day is better.

Glad to hear that Justin is having an easier time with is school work. I know that he can be a handful to work with when dealing with homework. I also know he is smart, hopefully this will help a lot to make the entire process easier.

Love the pictures.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie O said...

I hope Cody can get some Claritin or something that works to ease the side effects.

Nice pictures- all those kids!


BIG MO said...

I also hope Cody has a much better day. I'm sorry that Justin has to
take meds but if it helps him I
guess that is for the best. We wouldn't want him to hate school
and would give you two a hard time
every day.Good luck to all of you.
WHAT A PICTURE!!!!!!! Grandpa with
a BLACK EYE.... Did Cody ever ???
what was awrong with your eye????
The pic was great and those are some nice looking kids & grand-
children.That was also cute where C is trying to help Justin with his homework. Again I hope this is much better day for Cody. I'll be
waitng for your next post.LOVE YA

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey, Dianne, and Cody!!!
Just wanted to say that i keep reading your blog and i miss you guys SO much. I am actually doing research out here in seattle and some of the studies i am doing involve neuroblastoma and some of these drugs, so i am working with a lot of kids with neuroblastoma. I think of you guys ALL the time, i still wear my cody's crew bracelet! I have been reading so much about the 3f8 antibody, i have such great HOPE for Cody, i know how strong he is! I bought some of the cards you made Mickey, they are fantastic! Stay strong, i will be home for chrismtas, so if you guys are around, i would LOVE to meet up! Love, Nurse Kelly

Deck Ape said...

nice to hear from you.. We miss you very much. We will be in NY for Christmas as long as Cody doesn't test HAMA positive.

Cody knows that he gave me the black eye but he never likes to talk about the bad part of his treatments. It's almost like a self protection mechanism you know? He tries to block that stuff out.

Thanks for writing Susan and Dottie,

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Guam is hot and humid! I have yet to venture out into the water, but when I do I'll be sure to send some pics your way.

Sorry to hear Cody's having a rough time....I'm hopeful they will get better.

Love ya!


Trish said...

Concerta was wonderful for my daughter - she began taking at the end of 3rd grade and took herself off last year (in 7th grade). She went from a kid that couldn't do simple homework to a girl that reads constantly and does homework without struggles. I hope it does the same for Justin.

Praying for Diane and Cody.