Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somewhat easier day..

If you can call this easy.... Diane said he did a bit better. He needed two half rescues and has not been given any antihistamine for the past two days. She also said that they are going to try and put him on Morphine instead of Delotid today. He's had Morphine in the past and has done well with it. All the children that go through this treatment have pain but I don't know of any that have such rage like Cody. Maybe his rage and stubbornness is what is going to pull him through all of this.

Diane and I both get to a point of frustration. We become very tired and agitated while doing our weekly shift up there. Although they do a wonderful job up there at MSK, little things begin to wear us down and we need to vent. Sometimes that is the way our phone calls go. It's tough.

Diane told me that they are not going to give Cody a treatment next Saturday. It would have been the one that he should get on Thanksgiving Day. Since he is on the two week cycle they feel he can miss a day. If he were on the one week cycle that would not be the case.

Things here are just as stressful as ever. While juggling the kids, school and dinner, I had to have our water conditioner system replaced this week. We are on a well and the water is very hard. Over time it will eat all the copper pipes in your house if the water isn't treated. I just got my heating oil bill and you don't want to know what that came to. Even with the price of oil dropping, we are locked into a higher rate because of a contract we signed last season. It's just highway robbery... Oh and like all of you know, Christmas is right around the corner... Thanks for letting me vent... :)

Thanks for reading....


Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for the whole family!
God Bless

Dottie O said...

I hope the weekend goes well for all of you! I'll be out of town for a few days so I'll check in when I get back-


Anonymous said...

I hope things are better today or when ever the next treatment is. I know you are headed up there soon. Hoping things go ok while you are there. Prayers for you all.

Susan and Jonathan

Samantha said...

Hugs for your whole family.