Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tomorrow Cody goes in for a few things. He was suppose to get IVIG but his doctor put a stop to that. IVIG is an antibody and it would be counter productive to give it to him before his 3f8 treatment. He will have his HAMA blood taken and sent up to New York for testing. If he isn't HAMA positive he starts on the 17th. He will get his breathing treatment tomorrow. He must have that to protect him against pneumonia. His urine test that he had taken last week came back negative.

I seem to take all this stuff with very guarded optimism. Cody's relapse this time last year has changed me. I was sure he was cured even when people told me not to get too high or overly confident. I didn't listen and it came back to bite me. It's kinda sad but I wish I didn't know what I know now. The real hope that lives inside of me now is the hope that they find a cure soon. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at Cody and worry about what I will do without him. I don't sit around and dwell on this stuff all day but I can't help to have that moment every once in awhile.

My daughter Corie dropped by with the kids. This will be the last time I see her before she leaves. It is going to be hard on her and the kids. It is tough anytime you have to be away from your kids but when they are very young it is much harder.. I love you Corie and we will miss you..

Please don't forget to get your Christmas cards. Make a difference in a kid's life.

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Gettin Older said...

I remember a year ago when you called me and I think about it often as well. I am not nearly as close to it as you are, and I don't see that there is any way that you could not be effected the way that you are. You have done and are doing a great job by Cody he is blessed to have you as a Dad.