Monday, May 18, 2009

Here it is!!!!

You are looking at the new face of Cody's Crew Foundation. It was chosen by you the Crew members. Thank you all for your support. We are not going to stand idly by. We have many event ideas we are working on.


Kelli said...

Wonderful! Best wishes!!!

Cameron said...

That looks awesome. We will not stand idly by either. You are not alone.

MangoAK said...

That's Awesome!!! And though I didn't vote for this one- It was one of the three I liked the best!

You and Diane are doing something wonderful- and you will have support from many, many, many friends.

Samantha said...

awesome! I love it! Can't wait to hear what you have in store.

Dottie O said...

Logo picked and 501(c)3 status all set. You are on a roll!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the 501(c)3 status. Yay!

Susan and Jonathan

Kandi said...

Cody is beaming with pride right now and smiling down on all of you. How proud he must be to see what you have accomplished in his name.

Heck, I'm so proud of you I'm smiling from ear to ear and we've never even met face to face.

Through Cody, I've grown to love you like family!

Anonymous said...

Great! I considered voting for that one. lol

It's all starting to come together, now. Best wishes of success and finding a cure!

Cody's spirit will always remain. :-)

BIG MO said...

Beautiful Logo, that was my first
choice but after I looked at all
of them, I couldn't really make up
my mind and of course I changed
my mind and picked another... There
were so many nice ones!!!! You &
Diane have been busy. Good Luck in
all your projects. LOVE to you all.

Megan said...


Glorybelle said...

Love it! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Mickey and Diane,
This is the one I liked as well, although I could not get it to work when I tried to vote! Sorry, computers drive me crazy sometimes, good luck!

Anonymous said...

awesome choice!

Gettin Older said...

YAY, that is the one I voted for!