Friday, May 8, 2009

We hope to see you tonight!!!

At the Prince William Fair Grounds in Manassas, VA. The time is 9pm sharp.

As I mentioned below, I'm the Honorary Chairperson for the Relay-for-Life. I will kick things off for the Luminaria Ceremony with a little speech about Cody and his battle with neuroblastoma. Please come and show your support if you can.

Sunday is the deadline for the logo contest. We have some great entries which I can't wait to post on the website. If you have an entry you still have time to send it in.

See you tonight!!!!


Anonymous said...


I know you will do just fine tonight. Everyone including Cody will be proud of you! I wish we could be there.

Kandi Harris said...

I'd give anything to be there to hear and support you. I know you are going to inspire everyone that's there because you'll be speaking from the heart.

I hope someone will be there to video tape your speech so you can share it with those of us who can't attend.

Proud to be a "Cody's Crew" follower!

Michelle said...

wish i could come... it's only a half hour's drive from my house... but i saw the doctor today and i may have swine flu, i'm definitely sick, and i'm under strict orders to stay home - i even have to wear a mask around my own family in my own home. so unfortunately i will not be able to make it.

i'll be praying for you during it though! :-)

- michelle

Rich Bacz said...

Thanks to you and Diane for coming last night. I hope you never get tired of hearing from us that you both are inspirations.
To those who could not make it out, there was not a person there that was not moved not only by Mickey's words, but the entire ceremony. I hope someone has a video of that, and if they could get it to Mickey that would be great. His words should be published - and made an assignment to every politician, health care worker, and person able to donate.
Mickey - what you may not have seen was during the rememberence lap: the skies were completely dark due to the clouds, except for one beam that came down from the full moon. I walked with my son and said "Caden, doesn't that look like someone is trying to show us that tonight is something good? He responded: Dad, I am sure it's Cody.
My son has only ever had pictures and stories of this special boy, but continues to remember how he affected us all.
Mickey - you are on a great mission. Heaven help anyone who stands in your way!
My best to Diane - a hug last night is not enough to take away the great pain, but there was a community out there all trying to do that.