Friday, May 29, 2009

What's new at Cody's Crew?

We have a number of new changes and events at our Cody's Crew website.

If you go to our Upcoming Events page you will see that we have a Cody Johnson Memorial Ceremony scheduled for June 6th. It will be held at Bennett Elementary School in Manassas VA. There will be a balloon release at 11:00 am. You can purchase a balloon at 10:30 am at the school or go to the Shell City page and purchase balloons there. All proceeds will go to Cody's Crew Foundation. This will be a very special ceremony so if you can make it we look forward to seing you. If you can't I hope you will take the time to purchase a balloon on our site.

Many of you submitted logo entries for our contest. Many of you voted for your favorite. Now we are having another contest. We are asking our Crew for ideas for our official Cody's Crew Slogan. You can submit your entry on our Slogan Contest page. Get out that pen and paper and get busy...

We also have the new Cody's Crew wristebands on sale also. They are $2.50 each. For those of you who purchased them last year these are a little different. They are of coarse camo colored but they now have "" printed on them. Drop by and pick some up.

The new Cody's Crew T-shirts will be coming soon. I'll keep you up to date...


Kelli said...

Keep us posted. Will add Cody's Crew logo to my blog this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Will be there Saturday. Glad to see all the changes. Everything is moving all well.

Always thinking of you,

Susan and Jonathan