Monday, July 28, 2008

Heading into day 2 of 4...

Last night Cody completed his last of the 2 day heavy chemo treatments. That's not to say that the next 2 won't be hard but they take much less time to administer and do not require that he pee every 30 minutes. He remains in very good spirits and is still sleeping as I type @ 10 am. He gets up to go pee and then goes back to sleep. His blood counts are dropping like a rock and he will most definitely require a blood transfusion tomorrow. I pray that he isn't hit too hard by this cycle but we are expecting a rough time for him.

The next couple weeks are going to be very hard for Diane and I trying to find something for Justin to do. Daniela has her week lined up with cheerleader camp and with her friend Rachel in the afternoon. We really don't have anything for Justin to do the next few weeks. Diane is taking him to work with her today and I think the plan is to bring him in with her tonight. We are scrambling to find something for him to do.

Gas prices are not coming down fast enough for our liking. I drive an Expedition and Diane has an old Taurus wagon. With the next few weeks of driving into and out of DC on the schedule we are going to have many regular visits to the gas station. We would love to get a smaller car for commuting but with medical bills and gas it won't be happening anytime soon. We have wanted to get her a mini van for years but that is just not very high on our priority list right now.

School right around the corner. The kids will start school after Labor Day which is a month away. With Cody's treatments I'm sure the month of August is going to fly bye.. I pray that Cody will be able to get back into school relatively fast. We have not even broached that subject with the doctor yet.

Please pray that things keep going smooth this week for Cody....

Thanks for stopping in..


Gettin Older said...

Praying and expecting a good result. Not sure of anything else I can say, but y'all are in my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Mickey, Just wanted to let you know as always you and the family are in our thoughts. You know if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

I sure wish there was somthing I could do to make things easier. At
least you know I am always here and praying that terrible CANCER
would go away. JR'S one grand-
daughter is getting married in a
couple months and Vivian asked me
if I could go over to the Health
Center at 4:00 this afternoon &
and sit with JR for a couple hrs.
A friend is taking her to look for
a dress for the wedding. I'll check in with you later.

Anonymous said...

Prayers said that Cody's treatments go smoothly this week and that it doesn't take too much out of him. Prayers for all of you...


Dottie O said...

I've had a hard time signing in from home, but I'm reading and keeping up with the recent events.

I hope it continues to go smoothly for all of you and especially Cody's current chemo treatment.