Monday, July 21, 2008

This says it all.

This is a story from Australia's version of 60 minutes. If you wondered what it is like to go through what Cody and my family is going through, this is it. It made me cry because it is exactly the way it is... We have to find a cure!!!!!!!

Just to show you how on the money this is, I drove into DC this afternoon only to have Diane call me right before I crossed the Key Bridge going into Georgetown. She said go home. Cody's blood is not ready to start yet. His platelets are too low. We have to take him back in on Friday to have it retested. You can't plan anything!


elizabethnyc said...

Sorry to hear Cody's numbers aren't quite where they need to be to start his treatment! Positive thoughts heading his way for those...

Thanks for posting that clip, Mickey. It really tells the story of what y'all are going through and the battle you're waging.

I'm going to include that link in my August fundraising email for MSKCC.

Prayers and hugs to all,

Gettin Older said...

Thanks for the clip Mickey. I had to get up and close the office door. I do not know how y'all get through, but I'm glad you do. Keep fighting the good fight. Prayers


Anonymous said...

Praying that his numbers come up soon.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie O said...

I finally had a chance to see the video clip. It made me cry.

Good luck tomorrow- we are holding you tightly in our prayers.