Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Terrible 3 days....

Despite the beautiful 3 day weekend and the nice family time it all was over shadowed by a dark cloud. Cody had a 3 day stretch of major meltdowns. We please ask that you pray for him. He just cannot control his anger. I have bruises up and down my right arm from restraining him on Sunday. Yesterday while I was at work he swept some drinking glasses off the counter and they smashed on the floor. He also was sitting on the front porch which is his sanctuary so to speak. He was hooked up to his medicine and bit the tube in two and blood is all over the porch. We pray for better days with Cody. He is so tired of being told that he cannot do things that the other kids are doing.

Today I am taking him in to get a CT scan and have his pre-op blood work for his port operation on Thursday. He has two more evenings of that anti-fungal which takes two hours. We will all be glad when that is over. I hope the port gives him a little joy in his life that he has been missing.

Please pray for Cody and that Diane and I find the strength to get through this....

Cody's CT scan came back clean. This means that he is on track for his port on Thursday. It will be a special day. So far so good, knock on wood...


The 311 Boys Mom said...

you will be strong enough. you just are. its how things work.

I'm sorry this is so horrible for Cody, I do honestly believe that the port will be a blessing. it allows him to be a boy (swimming, get dirty, take a bath/shower); my son played baseball, basketball, roller hockey & flag football with his port, (we had a chest plate made out of what they use for making limbs for amputees--it strapped around him with Velcro & protected his whole chest & down just past his ribs).

this will help with things, I honestly believe that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mickey and Diane,
I can't imagine how frustrating and tireing this must be for you all, but you will get through this even if you can't see how. We all will continue to pray for some relief for Cody and peace of mind for you both. Hang in there buddy!

pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
I haven't written in a while but have been checking up daily. Stay strong and know that we are praying you and the family. Such a strong little man Cody is and no one can blame him for acting out like he does! I would do the sme damn thing if it were me. We are sending our love and prayers to you and the family.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that. I wish this was all better for you. Continued prayers coming your way. Special ones for Cody's anger.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

I am glad I was too busy to read this post until after you posted the update. The good news about the CT Scan took a bit of the edge off the bad news. I hope it does to same for you and Cody.

Good luck, we'll keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers and positive thoughts to you, Cody and Diane. It is so tough to balance love, patience and control when faced with constant obstacles and stress. Maybe Cody needs a blow up punching bag to take his anger out on. He can paste pictures drawn by him of things that frustrate him.
You three are truly heros to me.

Gregory said...

Hey DeckApe,

Sorry for the long absense from your blog but I have been thinking of Cody and praying. Tried coming here a few times but each time the front page wouldn't load and I couldn't get into your site. Anyway, works fine today and glad it did. Just wanted to say "Hi" and offer up some more prayers!

Gregory (Pudov)

Jenny said...

I also think the port will be good for Cody. My oncologist insists on them. It made chemo a heck of a lot easier. Mine is upper left chest. If not for my sports bra chafing it every so often, I would totally forget that it's there. Obviously the sports bra thing isn't a problem for Cody! :)

I keep following along and have fingers crossed for good news.
Jenny (thelearnedfoot from RW)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear that his scan came back clean. Definitely good news to brighten the day, even if it is only a little. More prayers your way.

Susan and Jonathan

Trish said...

Praying all goes well with the port, he deserves the normalcy the port will give him.

Anonymous said...

Mickey, Sorry to hear about the difficult times. The beast is a tough enough challenge to deal with, then you add on the emotional toll it takes. It can be hard. Stay strong! Glad to hear the CT scan came back looking good. He will be glad to get that port.
Continued prayers of strength for Cody and the entire family!

Dottie O said...

Ugh. I can't imagine. I hope the port makes things easier...but great news on the scan.


Anonymous said...

Consider it done! Prayers are on the way!

Best of luck with Cody's port tomorrow. I hope that everything will go smoothly and that Cody can still do some fun summer things involving lots of water and dirt.

Lots of love,
Wendy, Clark, and Aiden