Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming home tomorrow....

Cody had a great day today. He was taken off almost all of his meds and IV feeding last night. We spent almost 3 hours playing Monopoly with the Child life people. I know I have mentioned it before but Cody is very good at Monopoly and for his age he does a great job counting money. I have to tell you, none of the players cut him a break and he totally dismantled them. The police should have been called because Cody massacred them.. LOL He had most of the money and most of the property.

He is looking good and his blood is coming around nicely. Although his ANC number did not go up since yesterday, his white blood cells have went up while his neutrophils went down. That is not a bad thing. White blood cells are made up of many different things and neutrophils are just one. Neutrophils are very important because they fight infection from bacteria and fungus. I hope and expect that his ANC goes up even more tomorrow...

As far as what's next, I will give you all the tentative game plan tomorrow.


BIG MO said...

I'm very glad Cody is getting to
go home and pray nothing comes up
to change that. I know that is a
big relief for you all. Will be
looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow. I'm headed for bed.
GOD bles you all,

Dottie O said...

Yay on going home! Keeping my fingers crossed for Cody.


elizabethnyc said...

So glad to hear Cody's making progress - GOOOOO Cody! - and that y'all had a fun time playing Monopoly. I can imagine Cody is quite the real estate tycoon - a mini-Donald Trump, but without that awful comb-over. ;-)

Prayers continue!

Anonymous said...

Yea Home!!!

We are not so far as to plan something! I know birthdays are coming up soon.

Prayers are coming

Anonymous said...

Mickey, Glad to hear things are progressing and Cody will be coming home. That will definitely make things easier on everyone.
Continued Prayers!
God Bless

Gettin Older said...

Yay Cody!! I need to go find a Monopoly Tycoon Picture to post.

And Liz, Cody Does not have to worry about a comb over. He is too cool for that!

Linda said...

man!!! I missed you guys walking out the door!!! =) soo many meetings today. Safe travels to NY and back, have a blast at the BEACH! =) Cody, I'll miss you!! COME VISIT PLEASEEE! =)

Anonymous said...

Glad Cody is home!