Friday, August 1, 2008

Stem Cell video..

Okay, just a warning, it is very hard to hear what is being said. Cody had a rough night as I mentioned in the previous post. Luckily the cursing was over before I started recording. I'll get a second as soon as it is approved by Google...

Saturday morning:

The kids wanted to go out with me on my run. So they ran the first mile with me and then I did my usual 5. We are just relaxing before we head into the hospital. Here are a couple of pictures.


BIG MO said...

Thanks for allowing us in the room with Cody. I wouldn't want to talk to anyone either. How is the BIG
GUY doing today? Pray that this
helps him get much better soon. I
just got out of bed and I'm ready for COFFEE!!!!!! GOD bless CODY.

Monica Cassier said...

Hi Mick,

I watched both the videos. I feel like crying - he is so brave, and I can't even begin to understand the courage you and Diane must have to go through this, to see your little boy through this fight. You both - and of course! CODY! - are so so very brave. I'm so humbled by your courage.

All good thoughts and prayers... Cody is my hero.


PS. My youngest, Jean-Marc (he's 10) has worn his "Cody's Crew" bracelet everday since I gave it to him. I don't think it has ever left his wrist...

Gettin Older said...
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Gettin Older said...

Sorry about removing the previous comment. Major mis-spelling and I could not go back to correct it

Checking in again before I hit the sack. I hope Cody has been able to get things going and is feeling better by now.



elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, as your Mom said, thanks for allowing us a glimpse of Cody's treatment. Hope he's feeling better today.

Glad you got out for your run with Justin and Daniela - nice way for the 3 of you to spend some fun time together! :-)

Prayers continue,

Dottie O said...

It's late Sunday afternoon, I hope Cody is feeling a lot better. What a startling difference between watching him play in the waves and being so still during the stem cell treatment. He's one in a million.

Nice pictues of Justin and Daniela, too.