Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flashes of the old Cody..

I noted in a couple of previous posts that Cody has really changed this time around. He was not getting angry and he was verbalizing his concerns and dislikes. Well the past couple of evenings he has started to revert back to the old Cody. I'm not sure why but it may have to do with sleep deprivation. He is not sleeping as well as we would like. With the constant IV flow and antibiotics he is getting up to pee every couple hours. Last evening he spiked a temperature and had to be given Tylenol. They had just started to cut back on some of the antibiotics and had to start them again. You wonder how he could get a fever while being on all these drugs? Well, right now his body has zero immunity. If anyone who comes into contact with him has the smallest germ or virus from outside his room brings it in to him he can catch it. When we are home and he would be at this stage we would have everyone take a shower and change into clean clothes as soon as they came in the door. We really hope to see some signs that his ANC is turning around, but nothing so far. "Come on little stem cells, do your thing."

I have a special treat for you all when I get home this evening. His hair is starting to fall out now, so we decided to give him a cut. I figured this was the best time to give him a Mohawk since it is going to fall out anyway. He looks sooo cute. I think you all will love it.

Thanks to all of you who have been sending cards and letters to Cody. He really enjoys opening them. Geel, Diane and I loved the letter from Morgan.

I'll post more later...

It's a good thing that I got these pictures yesterday. His hair was falling out and it was getting in his face. He proceeded to pull all of his hair out. I know, that sounds really bad but at this stage a good breeze would have blew it off... He looks so good with a mohawk. Enjoy!!!

Oh, the first picture he is with one of his very favorite nurses Kelly. He wanted to charge her money after she had her picture taken with him. And last but not least is our lovable Linda. She is one of the child life ladies that make life livable in the hospital for the kids and their families...


BIG MO said...

GOD bless CODY and we will all continue to pray for him to get well real soon. I will surely be
looking forward to seeing his new
haircut!!!! Tell him Grama said HI!

Gettin Older said...

Maybe I should get a mohawk to show my support....but then again, maybe not. I'm with him in spirit, but not in style...:)

praying for the numbers to turn around and for him to start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

If I had enough hair to only grow a mohawk I would certainly be down.....but I'm part of the bald mens club. There will be a special treat next week at the clinic. Scooby Doo will be visiting the clinic and we will come to floor also. I will keep you updated on the date. Nothing but prayers and thoughts from the Jacksons'.


Anonymous said...

Mickey that is way to cute, a mohawk. Can't wait to see the pictures of Cody. Even though I don't see you much now your blog keeps me close. Always know you and Diane are always in my daily prayers and thoughts. Praying for Cody to feel better soon. XOXOX - Pam

TiredMamaRunning said...

Can't wait to see his mohawk! I'm sure he'll be adorable!


BIG MO said...

Great haircut and Great smile. Tell him Grandma said Thanks for
the nice pic.Tell the nurses thanks for everything also.Hope
things start to improve every day now.LOVE to you all.

Dottie O said...

It's great to see a smile on that face.


Anonymous said...

I'd sport a mohawk, but the Navy won't let me. I'll give Devin a mohawk instead. :)


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, hey, any chance you're getting a mohawk too? :-)

Looks like Cody is in good spirits and having fun with his wonderful health care team. That's great!

Prayers continue,

Anonymous said...

Well hello cody is still in our prayers. That's a really cool mohawk I should get one Were pray for those numbers to get right. God Bless talk to you later the Jacksons

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures of Cody. He is just too cool for words. So, glad to see him smile. He has a beauitful smile. Kinda like his dad's smile. Praying his levels get where they need to be. XOXOX - Pam

runnergeel said...

cody sooo hardcore...and yet so cute.

Oh and I will let you all know when the wedding is!!!! Only 5 what can I say. She asks for him most days.

Prayers still coming.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! Prayers from us.

Susan and Jonathan