Saturday, August 23, 2008

No beach yet......

Cody spiked a fever over 102 twice yesterday. He was admitted last night. We are not going to the beach until he is ready. Hopefully this is only a couple of day thing.


Gettin Older said...

I saw this over at RWOL. Like I said over there. Hopefully this is just a short term thing, and y'all can still make it to the beach. You all deserve the break.

Jenny said...

UGGGGGG!!!! I can't believe this! He was a little snotty in clinic, but was so full of energy and in a great mood. We were all so incredibly thrilled that the beach was going to work out.

If you guys are still at GU on Monday, Jessie and Linda and I are going to find a creative (and safe, hospital approved) way to bring the beach to him.

Thinking of you guys and Bear,

Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey,
Wow, I checked the blog every day up until Friday at noon and then today I got to read all about this week. I'm sorry about Bear. I'm very glad to hear about the progress and I'm praying that you all get that well deserved vacation time together. My goodness the kids are growing so much. Praying daily for you all,
Love BigSis