Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nice day....

Today was a busy day. Diane had to take Cody in to get his blood checked. She had to also take both of the other kids. I had to work. Cody's numbers were very good so he didn't need platelets or red blood.

On a low note our dog Bear seems to be on his last leg. He is about 14 or 15 years old. He has been a very good dog and he is going to be missed.


BIG MO said...

Glad to hear that all things checked out good for Cody today.
We all pray that it stays that way.
Sorry to hear about Bear, he was my
buddy when I locked myself out of
the house. That seems like so many years ago!!!!!!Thanks again for the
pic of the kids in the pool. I'm
on my way to bed again.We'll all
pray for a good Sunday.
LOVE as always,

Gettin Older said...

I'm glad things are looking well and I'm sorry to hear about Bear. Hope you have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the numbers are good. Though I am sorry to hear about Bear. But he has had a long and good life.

Continued prayers,

Susan and Jonathan

runnergeel said...

Sorry about your bear. glad that cody is on the up side!

BIG MO said...

Have a good trip and pray every thing goes well. Hope the week goes fast and you will all be home soon.GOD bless and keep you all safe on your trip.
MOM -- Grandma

Anonymous said...

Hey guys so sorry to hear about Bear. Love the pictures and videos of the Kids. We miss you guys and think of you daily.

love ya

Linda said...

WOW!!! You all are GREAT swimmers!!! I'm soooo happy you're swimming around Cody!! =) Woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for today, tomorrow and Thursday! Hope all goes well.

Susan and Jonathan

elizabethnyc said...

I hope things are going well for Cody this week so far! Let me know if you have any NYC questions that I can answer. Finding good pizza and good bagels are my specialty. :-)

Great video of Daniela and Cody! So sorry to hear about your doggie Bear...


Anonymous said...

What a great video...thanks for sharing! What a difference the port makes instead of a central line. Glad to hear the counts are up and things are going well.
Continued prayers!
God Bless

Dottie O said...

Hope your week was quiet and uneventful.

School starting soon?