Thursday, October 16, 2008

The day was a little better..

Diane said that Cody made it through the whole 3f8 infusion before the pain kicked in. Today was hive day. Many of the kids broke out with today's infusion. I mentioned before that certain batches have different side effects. Cody didn't want to talk to me today. He had many days like that last time. I'm glad for his sake that tomorrow is Friday and he will get the weekend off. He really deserves it.

Well you guys have made it clear that you want color and color is what you will get. I just finished adding a little color to the drawings and I will post them tomorrow. I must admit they turned out great. Even with the color they still have a rustic look which I love.
I'll post them tomorrow before I head for the train station.

Thanks for reading and voting.....

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Dottie O said...

Tell Cody to enjoy his week end off.

Hoping the weather is good and he can get outside.