Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is the first Friday Halloween that I remember. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention. The kids are excited about trick or treating. I have a feeling that I'll be carrying Cody half of the way.. We usually go to another nearby neighborhood because the houses are too far apart with lots in our neighborhood.

Today Cody also goes for his MRI at Georgetown. I will be taking him. Diane will take him one day next week for a couple of other things. If all comes out OK with the MRI we will stay the coarse with the 3f8 treatments in N.Y.

I'll check back later when I have more info.

Don't forget to order you Christmas Cards.. You are giving to a great cause while getting some great cards in return....


209Mike said...

Happy Halloween to you and your family.

BIG MO said...

Happy Halloween to all of you also.
Just what is our Big Guy going to
be dressed as tonight????? I do hope they will all be dressed warm.
Did Diane dust her broom off?LOL

dustin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dustin said...

Hey Mickey! I hope the MRI went well. Happy Halloween! We hope that Cody was well enough after his MRI to do some Trick or Treating!
Good Luck tomorrow! Go Irish!

BIG MO said...

I just noticed that my comment was
supposedly deleted by the author.
If I did I'd like to know how and when.Told you this comcast is making me crazy!!!!!!In case you
didn't see my comment, I said Happy
Hallowen to all of you also and how
was Cody going to dress?????? Hope
you all had fun.

Anonymous said...

Hope Cody, Daniela and Justin had a great trick or treat night with LOTS of treats!!
I have a feeling Cody picked out a VERY scary costume~~He seems to love that stuff!! My boys did at his age too!
Praying for good news from the MRI>
Prayers and positive thoughts continue! G2G