Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sleepless in Manhattan...

Well I made it here yesterday evening. When I got to the Ronald McDonald house about 7:30 Cody and Diane were waiting to head out. I knew Cody was in a good mood when I got here because he was messing with me. He wouldn't let me in the door of the room until he turned all the lights out. One of his treats this week were some Halloween spiderweb lights that go on the window. He wanted to show them off. They were planning on going to some really big, upscale toy store. She is still sleeping so I'll have to leave the name out for now. By the time we got there by cab it was 8:03 and believe it or not, it was closed. On a Friday in New York city a toy store closes at 8pm. That is just crazy. Luckily for us Cody took it in stride. We may try to hit it today.

Yesterday was a very good day for Cody, but that can be bad. I know what you are thinking, "Mickey is off his rocker." For those of you who follow Cody and this blog you have heard me refer to "HAMA". Well, when the child doesn't feel pain while getting the 3f8 that is usually the main sign. The nurses did tell Diane that it is not uncommon that by the end of the week the kids don't feel as much pain. Let's pray that is the case.... We don't want to HAMA for at least another couple of trips.... Anyway, he didn't have any pain and from what she could see his heart rate didn't go up that much.

After we were turned away at the toy store we walked back to the room but stopped at a local drug store and Cody bought some of those fake cotton candy looking spiderwebs that you hang on everything. That was one of the best investments I think I have ever made. He has that stuff hanging over half the room and has made himself a little "spider hideout." :) While laying on the bed and watching TV last night he literally beat the crap out of me. This is something he usually does to his brother at home but I'm playing that role until we get home. I know he is feeling good when he does that.. I'll post more this weekend.

Go Pitt Panthers!!!!


Dottie O said...

Glad you made it safely and Cody is back to giving Dad a hard time.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that he was in a good mood. I hope the up coming week will be ok. I don't want to see him have too much pain but I don't want him to HAMA. Praying for the best of both worlds.

Susan and Jonathan