Monday, October 20, 2008


I just got off the phone with Diane and she gave me the 3rd degree for not calling sooner. My phone was dead when I got back to the RMH. So I hooked it up for a charge and we headed out for pumpkin painting and then to McDonalds for Cody's favorite dinner.

Cody didn't have much pain today but his heart rate went up to about 120. He was a little grumpy but we are not feeling good about this. They drew some blood this morning to do a HAMA test and we will find out tomorrow. We really don't want him to HAMA this quick. We hope that he will make it at least 4 sessions before he HAMAs.

Today he had his PET scan, tomorrow he has his CT scan, Wednesday he has his MRI, Thursday he has MIBG scan and then he has his Bone Marrow on Friday. On top of all that we must juggle not eating or drinking before those tests and not drinking around his 3f8 that he should be getting everyday also. "Can you say WOW?"

Well, that's it. Sorry for waiting to call Diane.... :)


pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
I still don't know how you do it! The love of Cody is how but it must take a toll on everybody. Our hearts and prayers are always with you guys and think about constantly.
Much Love, The Washington Johnsons

Gettin Older said...

Every time I read your blog, I think of that old plate spinning act. I am impressed and amazed at the everybody's resilience. Prayers will continue.

BIG MO said...

I think your brother said it all
in his comment for all your family
and friends. About the only thing
we can do is keep on praying & leave it in the hands of God & doctors. We are here for you all.
Hope the HAMA test comes out okay.
Will be waiting for your next post.

elizabethnyc said...

Here's hoping for good test results across the board this week! Also hoping that amidst the busy schedule, that you have some fun together...

Prayers continue as always,