Saturday, October 18, 2008

Famous Person Alert

Diane, Cody and I walked up to F. A. O. Schwarz the big toy store. I was able to get a few good pictures before the battery on my camera died. I'll post them when I get home next week.

While walking through Manhattan I spotted a famous person. Some you Law and Order fans will know him. Dennis Farina.

He and two other gentlemen were walking away from the Maserati dealership. He was about a foot away and walking in the opposite direction. I said to Diane, "that is a famous actor. I can't think of his name. He's on that show I like to watch all the time." I thump myself in the forehead because I can't remember crap anymore. My memory is getting so bad. Well anyway, it's good that I didn't ask him for his autograph because I would have been ashamed because I couldn't say his name. Actually I wouldn't have been as ashamed as Diane would... LOL

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elizabethnyc said...

So glad to hear you're all having a really good weekend together! Very cool you had a star sighting while in the city. I lived there 13 years and was still thrilled every time. :-)

Go CODY go!

prayers continue,