Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey all....

Well today we are awaiting word from MSK. They will let us know if Cody can start his 3f8 pre-meds tomorrow. He had his blood drawn last week and it was sent up to NY. He and Diane will be heading up on Sunday if we get the go ahead.

I mentioned a few weeks back that my daughter Corie would be doing a bake sale to raise money for BOP. Well that has been put on hold. She received news the day she returned from maternity leave that she is getting transferred to Guam for the remainder of her enlistment. That is about a year and a half. She is scheduled to leave next month. She will be going by herself and her husband and children will remain stateside. I'm sure it will be a hard time for her to be away from the kids especially with both being so young. Hudson, her husband will get a crash coarse in parenting I'm sure. This is one of life's challenges that we learn and grow from.

Cody didn't HAMA so he will begin pre-meds tomorrow and head to NY on Sunday!!!

Go Cody!!!!


Anonymous said...

Guam, wow! What a long way away. I know stating the obvious. Anyway, I hope that she enjoys her time out there.

I hope Cody's treatment will continue. Praying for the news to head up to MSK.

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

What a (Bummer)!!!! My eyes flew
wide open when I read that.I hadn't
sent any comments lately because I
had the FLU again.I'm glad the sale was a sucess and the things looked pretty good that people gave
I have been waiting anxiously to hear about the blood report.I sure hope it is good. I enjoyed the pic's and especially, you & Blue.
I did not know about him. Very nice. I'll check in this evening
to see if you heard anything.
As always, LOVE, MOM

I'll have to send Corie a note.

elizabethnyc said...

Gosh, that's a long ways away for Corie. sending positive thoughts to her and her family! There are good support services for family of those deployed, hope they're able to take advantage of them...

Glad to hear it's full steam ahead for Cody and his treatments! How long will he and Diane be in the city?

Lots of RWOL forumites running the NYC Marathon on November 2nd, keep us posted if you think y'all will be in the city around that date!

prayers continue as always!

Dottie O said...

Good Luck with the next round of treatments.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts, prayers, and thanks go out to Corie. Also sending my prayers to Cody and hope his treatment goes well.
God Bless

Gettin Older said...

Guam is a long way away, but at least they have a definite duration.

Prayers for continued success with the treatments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Cody! Good luck with the next round.

Susan and Jonathan

Monica Cassier said...


Didn't your daughter just have a baby??? So sad she has to leave them all...

Prayers for you all!


Anonymous said...

Yep! I had a baby and now I get to bask in the sun ALONE for the first time since high school! Hutson will adapt quickly, as he does in every sitation, and I will be home to visit every few months or so. I'm not looking forward to the fourteen hour flight, however.


Dottie O said...

Good Luck Corie-

Have a great weekend Johnson family!