Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorry for waiting so long....

Diane told me I needed to update the blog. I kinda had to get a few things done at home this week so I wasn't too worried about it.

Friday was a crazy day. Cody had his bone marrow first thing in the morning and then had to go straight to his 3f8 treatment. The bone marrow went well but it's the coming out of the Propofol that is hard for him. As soon as he wakes up I have to try to get him to drink the Beta Glucan. He must drink it an hour before he can start the 3f8. So, we were very pressed for time and had a train to catch at 4:00. Well, it was pure hell trying to get him to down that Beta Glucan. God was looking down on us because after the late start we were lucky enough that he did not need a rescue. This meant that he came out of the treatment in short order. So, we finished, got back to RMH and made the train in plenty of time. We made it back to DC by 8pm. Diane picked us up and the boys were so happy to see each other. I'll tell you, no matter how hard Cody plays and hits Justin, Justin takes it in stride and just enjoys being with Cody. I think he realizes how precious his time is with Cody. Most older siblings don't tolerate their younger siblings.

Daniela has had a rough week. She has been dealing with a virus all week. She missed school all week and has just been miserable. We had her stay at Diane's sisters Friday night just to give her one more day before possibly exposing Cody to that virus. Well, she is home and doing quite well. She actually went with me to a friends to watch the Steelers lose today. What a rough game!!!

By now you have noticed the Cody song. It was written just for him by an organization called 'Songs of Love'. They talked to us on the last trip to NY. They asked all kinds of questions about Cody, his likes and dislikes. The song made me cry the first time I listened to it. If you like the song you can go to and click on the Family & Friends Ringtone Download link. Simply type the last name Johnson in the 'Child's last name' field and the number 16836 in the 'Child's Record Number' field. There is a minimal fee that is charged for the download. It helps these wonderful artists and people afford to continue to bring joy into the lives of these children.

The drawings will become available any day now. I will let you all know as soon as they do. I'm excited about that....

Thanks for reading...


BIG MO said...

I sure do like that song. When I heard it,I wondered how you got his
name in it. Tell him I love his song and I'd love to see him dance
to it.I know you are both glad to
be back home.So sorry to hear that Daniela was sick and hope she is all over it now.Tell Diane its time
for Witches to ride their broomsLOL
What will Cody dress up as? Mickey
when you get a chance and there is
no confusion,give your old mom a call.LOVE ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH,

GB said...

Okay, Mickey. I bawled while listening to the song. I dunno know why. Just made me think of the word "hope."

I hope Daniela is feeling better, and it sounds like Justin is a very cool older brother!

You are all in my prayers, always! Hugs to everyone.


Dottie O said...

Good to read you are all home together and getting into a routine again. Whatever Daniela had it's been around here, too.

I bet Halloween is a fun time at the Johnson house!

As soon as I get home I'll listen to the song- no sound at my work computer.


Gettin Older said...

I love the song as well. Hugs and prayers for the family. I have something for Cody that I need to stick in the mail.