Friday, January 9, 2009

8pm and no word yet...

I talked to Diane at 7pm and she said that Cody was still in the MRI room. This means that he has not eaten all day. It will be 9pm at least before he eats something. It makes me so angry but we really have no choice. Cody has to get this done ASAP because we want to start the radiation treatments on Monday. How insane is all of this?


Anonymous said...

Mickey I wish I could hurry them up for you!

Thinking about Cody and the rest of the family.

Susan and Jonathan

Cap'n Ron said...

Friggin' nuts! I understand the reasons but a kid really does need to eat!

I sure hope all is better now.


Dottie O said...

It's Sat am- hope you are all home sleeping and resting and getting ready for whatever is next.