Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Steelers Win!!!!!

Super Bowl Here We Come!!!!!

The whole Johnson Family sat and watched the game together...... We had a great evening... Go Steelers!!!!


BIG MO said...

I'm so glad to hear that all of you
enjoyed the game together and I had
said several times today that more than ever I hope the Steelers Win
because that will be something to
make you all feel good about. For
sure I was watching and Alan called
me before and after and we were both so glad.When checking your blog, that made me feel good to
know you all spent some good time
together. Did you all have PIZZA??

Cap'n Ron said...

Go Steelers!!!!


Dottie O said...

That was quite a game last night...I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game at home! I'll bet you 're all looking forward to the Super Bowl.



elizabethnyc said...

Fantastic! Sounds like a great night at the Johnson house, hanging out together and cheering on your team! :-)

Anonymous said...

During the game I kept saying to my husband - "The Johnsons must be going crazy!!" What a good family time for you all. Free of all the crazy stuff you're dealing with in "real life." Good memories!!

Hugs to Cody. Pat (ACCA-NCC)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you all had a great time together watching. Hopefully they will go all the way.

Susan and Jonathan

The Murrant-Johnson's said...

Well Mic,

How About Those "STEELERS". Glad to hear that the Northern Johnson's enjoyed the game, because we enjoyed it down here also. Also glad everyone one was there to enjoy it.

Now lets get ready for the
Super Bowl.

Prayers continue from all of us.

Love Ya,
Little Bro,

209Mike said...

Sounds like a good time. However, I'm not sure if Arizona can lose - apparently Kurt Warner sold his soul to the devil again.

noseaum said...

grats to you , steelers are comming to tampa,our bucs home feild , 20 mins.from here, gonna be a mad house all week, say hay if you get around here too, >)))">

Anonymous said...

Mickey, I'm so glad that you and the family had some fun time together. Just what you all needed to reduce the stress even if only for a few hours. And congrats to the Steelers. Hope they go all the way!!!!!! Maybe if you wear your pink tutu and purple pumps they'll let you go to the superbowl!!!!!

Teresa (tcoplen)