Sunday, August 26, 2007

Annapolis 10 miler....

Today's race was a pleasant surprise. I went into today not thinking about a PR in this race. The coarse itself is a nice challenge. Some nice hills including two trips over the Severn River. The race was very well organized. I personally think they should rename this the Navy 10 miler and yes, it beats the Army 10 miler all to shit. Hey, you can have as many beers as you want. The Army doesn't have beer at all.. :(

My race broke down like this...

Mile 1 7:49
Mile 2 7:40
Mile 3 7:50
Mile 4 8:01
Mile 5 8:09
Mile 6 8:23
Mile 7 8:13
Mile 8 7:51
Mile 9 7:52
Mile 10 7:31

Total 1:20:03

I finished 622 out of 4376 finishers.
I finished 82 out of 406 in my age group, male 45-49.

Here are some pictures from the race.

Your's truly waiting at the start.

At the end of the race we were right at the Navy stadium.

Here is the gang after the race...

I'm just trying to pick off one more at the end.. :D

Here is one of my online friends Bill (Geetah) and his son. We had a chance to have a beer and a laugh.. :D


Anonymous said...

Hey Deck,

This is Gregory (AKA ~ "Pudov") from RW. Just checking out your blog and really enjoyed see all your pics and also the survivor video (hilarious ~ especially with the brussels sprouts which I don't think I could stomach either!LOL).

Anyway, good result there for the 10 miler. Your splits were gradually going up till the halfway and then negative splits over the final half of the race! Way to go! Anyway, good job!

Nice to visit your blog and have it bookmarked for future visits! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Navy Stadium.....Annapolis is one of my favorite places. It's really breathtaking in the fall. I know we haven't talked for a while....don't really know what to say about that. I leave for Lejeune in January. Gotta love Uncle Sam. So maybe I should start running with you....the Marines will hate me because I'll just walk.