Thursday, April 3, 2008

A good day

Well Cody's CT scan came back negative today. He had a head, neck and chest scan and it turned up no visible signs of cancer. The doctor believes that the bump on his collar bone is bone or calcium. He will have the full gamut of tests next week also.

Cody has showed a little sign that his appetite is going to come back now. Towards the end of the day he started to eat a little more. He weighted 42 pounds before his surgery and now weights 38 pounds. We need him to have a good weekend because he will be getting chemo next week so that won't help for sure.

For those of you who live in the Washington D.C. area there is going to be a concert in Centreville, VA on April 25th. The concert is titled "Rock For A Cure." It features a band named the "Fabulous Hubcaps". Here is the link to purchase tickets. This is a great way to help this great cause and have a great evening out to boot. Go to their site and you can listen to a sampling of their music.

God Bless you all!!!!


Linda said...

Cody was in my thoughts today!!! I'll try my best to come by during some of those tests next week! =) Cody, you're the man!!!

Dottie O said...

Wonderful news for the Johnson family.

Enjoy your weekend, may it be free from immediate worries for now,


BIG MO said...

Good news about the CT scan and now
we pray for a great weekend and then the tests in NY have great
results also. Tell CODY that I got a bracelet from his Aunt Candy & I
wear it day and night.I'm still a
little under the weather from the FLU but I'll check in a little later today.

Anonymous said...

Good news! Glad to hear that it isn't cancer and hopefully the appetite will increase over the weekend. Enjoy the weekend. Praying that it is quiet and full of good family times.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Great news about the scans. What an answer to prayer. Have a great week-end with your family Mickey.

Gettin Older said...

Whew, Big sigh of relief. Good luck with the appetite, and it is Cody's fault that I killed a pint of ice cream yesterday :D..


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the results of the CT scan. I hope he gets his appetite back over the weekend. Continued prayers for strength. Good luck on the test next week:)

Anonymous said...

Good news on the scan. Hope you guys have a great weekend. Thinking of Cody.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend full of ice cream and carbs for Cody !!
Wonderful news on the scans ! Glad to hear chemo may be postponed !! Put some weight on that pirate !!
Prayers and positive thoughts to all. G2G