Thursday, April 17, 2008

What we know so far....

Cody will be starting radiation therapy and chemo therapy on Monday. There was a meeting of 4 great doctors at Georgetown today that were discussing Cody's treatment. Although they are not really sure that the new spots are cancer, they are relatively sure one of them is. The area in the liver that is showing up is believed to be new tissue growing because of the surgery. So, Cody will get two weeks of radiation and one week of chemo. Hopefully he will start the antibody treatment after that. This road is very hard and bumpy.. I wish I were as brave as him. To be honest with you all, I'm starting to get in a bit of a rut again. This is why I try to focus on things like fund raising and drawing.

Speaking of fund raising I mailed a check to BOP today for $1000.00 and two checks totaling $40. All of this was raised from Cody's Crew bracelets. I still have some on hand and I'm not sure if I will be ordering anymore in the near future. Please let me know if you are interested. As this slows down I'm going to get ready to start the soda drive. You will hear more in the days to come. We have to get through the next couple of weeks first. Also I have started some drawings for Xmas cards to be sold on BOP's site for the up coming holiday season. I like drawing these because I can knock out one each time I sit down and draw.

Once again I'd like to remind you that if you have not stopped by the BOP or Relay for Life site please do so. You can make a difference in some child's life. Just to let you know, thanks to all of you I'm currently the top fund raiser in Prince William County for the Relay and my company is second. We are second to a team that has 5 times the number of members. Great job everyone. We thank you very much....

God Bless You All!!


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love and strength your way. Whenever you get tired or discouraged, please remember that you have a HUGE net to catch you, made up of so many people who love you all and would do anything for you. Don't be afraid to lean on us when you need to!

Hugs and prayers from Boston,


Monica Cassier said...

Hey Mick,

Why not bring the Cody's Crew bracelets to your relay and sell them there? They'd sell out in a heartbeat.

How many do you have left?

Let me know...

BIG MO said...

I really don't know how you two
keep going but I think what helps
all of us is the BIG SMILE that we
keep seeing on our BIG GUY's face
and the sparkle in his eyes. All
the pic"s you send are worth a
Millon to everyone. We are all here for you guys at any time of day or night.Get some sleep and
let us know what is next.

Deck Ape said...

Hey Moon,
I have a couple of hundred left. More Large and Small than Medium. I'm sure I'll be able to sell them. I just don't want to tie more money up in them right now... :) Thanks for your prayers kiddo..


Anonymous said...

You may not remember it, but know that we are all here for you, Diane, Cody, Daniela, and Justin. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Still here, still praying. What do we need to do to break you out of that rut?

BIG MO said...

The picture that you have on there
at the beginning of your BLOG now
is PRICELESS. I'm going to try and
get someone to make me a copy and
enlarge it so I can have it framed.
He looks so serious in it.Everyone
just has to LOVE the BIG GUY.The
bracelets that you sent,got here
today and the check for them is in
the mail.Sounds like you made out
quite well with them.Till later.

Anonymous said...

Love my bracelets. Passing them out to anyone running a race who wants REAL inspiration from our little hero !!
On my way to Boston tomorrow. Positive thoughts and prayers to Cody and all of you !!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of ya'll today. It was great to see Cody yesterday at the office. He looked good. Praying for ya'll.

Susan and Jonathan