Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey Everyone...

We did get a little info yesterday from the tests but I don't want to post anything until the doctor has a chance to review Cody's case with the other doctors. When I get a better idea of what is in store for us I will let you know.

Fund raising is going pretty well right now. Please forward my links to friends and family and get the word out. I thank all of you who have been so loyal and helping out. "Band of Parents" , "Relay for Life"

I mentioned my new idea that was given to me by Ken Davis who is one of my work friends. I believe the new idea is going to be a very big hit. Without getting into it too deep here it is. There a soda company that will "for a price" put you picture and phrase on the flavored soda of your choice. Since Cody's favorite soda is cream soda so I will be ordering a couple of cases with Cody's pirate picture on the front and "Cody's Crew Cream Soda" on the back. This is a little pricey so I haven't decided if I'm going to auction it off by the bottle or the 6 pack. I'll be working on that as time permits.

Please, while saying a prayer for Cody, include a prayer for my family. This whole process is beginning to take it's toll on us all. Nobody knows what the future holds for us but I just hope to keep things together as we go through these tough times. Thank you all for your prayers and continued support.


Monica Cassier said...

Prayers on the way. I"ll dedicate my run today to the Johnson family...

Anonymous said...

Your family are and will continue to be in our prayers. Stay strong and don't hesitate to call if you need anything.

Another soldier in this battle...

The Jacksons

Anonymous said...

Mickey, you and the family are always included in my prayers for Cody. The first day that Megan was in the hosptial a nurse said "the more difficult it gets the stronger you become" That became one of our mottos.

You know as a runner that you are capable of doing so much more then your mind thinks you can. You all have the strength and the faith to get through this, just keep fighting on!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are always in ours thoughts and prayers. If you need anything let us know.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I wish I had the power to make it all better but I don't. Please know that Cody and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Grandpa John said...

Hi ya Deck and Cody, Ol' Grandpa John here and I just have to let you know that the Missus and I have you all in our prayers...and as an added blessing I have to mention that just today a co-worker gave me a very nice donation check - a little over $100made out to The Band of Parents. I'll forward it to them in a day or two since I may have a few more donations coming in, but not too sure).

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts and prayers to the whole Johnson family. Every run you are in my thoughts as I look at my Crew bracelet !!

Dottie O said...

Prayers are continuing here, too. I went to a 50th birthday party once where they had the bottles made up with his HS graduation picture. A great idea.


BIG MO said...

Nice talking to you Mickey and will be waiting to hear some very good news about our BIG GUY. His
smile stays so big no matter what.
I guess that helps us grownups to
feel ashamed of our sometimes dumb
comlaints compared to what he has
already gone thru in his 5yrs. Its so hard to understand why so many
children have to go thru all this.
I'll send out the check today for
the bracelets I asked you to send.
I promise I'll comment more before
I go to bed tonight. I want to see what you add to the BLOG today.
Again, tell the kids I said HELLO!
Later with all my LOVE,

Anonymous said...

We may not know the future, Mickey, but we know the One that does! :-) Don't worry about tomorrow - today has enough to think about!!

Praying for ya'll!!!


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, prayers continue for Cody and the WHOLE DeckApe family!

I'm praying for the day that you all have a sense of normal day to day life again, and the biggest thing you have to worry about is whether to have tacos or hamburgers for dinner (tacos, of course LOL). :-)

Gettin Older said...

Mickey, prayers continue for Cody and the WHOLE DeckApe family!

I'm praying for the day that you all have a sense of normal day to day life again, and the biggest thing you have to worry about is whether to have tacos, hamburgers, OR LOBSTER for dinner.

Liz had it almost perfect