Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Day...

Yesterday was Cody's 3rd of 5 chemo days. He really was in great spirits all day. He went to bed at 11:00 on Tuesday night and he got up at 10:30 yesterday morning. We went down for his pre radiation session. That is where they put him in the CT scan machine and place marks on his abdominal area that will make it easy to line up his body for the radiation. This morning will be his first then he will go Friday and Saturday mornings. He will have Sunday off then he will go 6 days next week starting Monday. Then a few days the following week. One good thing is he has one more day of chemo after today. Also the radiation is in and out for the most part. He will be discharged Saturday morning.

You may have noticed in his latest pictures that his hair is coming back in. Well, that is going to fall out again. Hopefully this will be his last chemo.

Today is haircut day. I'm taking my hair shears in to cut Ernest's hair and then shave his head. I'd like to thank Ernest for his participation in our fund raising efforts. I'd also like to thank him for helping me kick off my new career as a beautician. Hopefully I don't draw too much blood. :)

I did get a chance to get in a 35 minute run yesterday. I'm not as fast or light as I was in November but I did OK. I'm just a little sore this morning.

If you haven't given to BOP or the Relay yet it isn't too late. Please give.

God Bless you all for caring and praying for my son.


Dottie O said...

Oh, it all sounds very encouraging right now. :-)

Good luck with your haircut. Maybe you'll discover a second career...


Anonymous said...

Perfect time for the hair cut!!! Ernest will be bald at in support of Cody! Always, thinking of ya'll. Praying that treatment goes well and he and ya'll continue to keep the spirits up as best as possible.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mickey
I hope you are so very successful in all of the efforts of everyone involved with the fund raising. I pray that progress is made soon in finding answers and cures. Please be careful with those razors.LOL! Love and prayers to all of you. BigSis

Anonymous said...

Mickey, Spent the last two days catching up with work, but Iwanted you to know that I had Cody and family in my prayers as part of my mile 22 dedication to Megan while running Boston.

Continued prayers of strength and healing!
God Bless