Sunday, April 20, 2008

A pretty good weekend....

The family spent the weekend up in Front Royal. We went to the Special Love family weekend. Some of you may remember that Daniela and Justin went to camp a couple of weeks ago. This is put on by the same organization and at the same location. We really had a great time and had the chance to fellowship with people who are going through or have gone through what we are. We hope to go again in June. Cody starts chemo and possibly radiation this week. Georgetown needs to repeat some of the scans that were done at Memorial Sloan Kettering before they can start the radiation. We are just looking forward to getting through this part of the treatment.

Here are some pictures from the weekend and a couple from Justin's 10 year birthday. Diane came up with the idea of taking a few of his friends down to ESPN zone in a limo. I have to thank everyone who made it possible. We would like to thank Jen from Georgetown for hooking us up with game cards for ESPN zone. We would also like to thank the very special people from Chariots For Hire. We were put in contact with them through the hospital. They provided the limo at a very special price so we could do this.

Cody and Peanut "Eric Jr."

Daniela and her new friend Daniela.

Daniela doing some craft work.

Cody and a new friend.

Justin moved up to Webelo 2nd year.

I tried my hand at a little nature photography.

This is the view from the 4H camp where we stayed this weekend. I'd love to live up there.

Here is the Jackson family. Their daughter had neuroblastoma also and is being treated at Georgetown. She is NED "no evidence of disease" at this time. That is where all parents of children with neuroblastoma want to be. They are good people and we look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Here is the limo that picked the kids up. They thought they were movie stars. :)

Justin had a great time.

Cody may be hitting the pro bowler's tour in the future.


BIG MO said...

I'm so glad you all had a good weekend and those pic's were very nice.Meeting so many new friends
and that place did look beautiful.Very nice flowers too,
Mickey.I'll be looking the pic's
over again tomorrow.I'm getting readyto hit the sack.

Dottie O said...

wow! What a weekend. Everyone looks happy. Pretty setting for some family time.


Anonymous said...

WOW! It looks like you all had a much needed time of fun together.
Praying that you all will get through this next stretch quickly and safely. It is good to see the kids making new friends. Thanks for taking time out to share all the pictures with us.
Love, BigSis

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! It looks like a great time was had by all. Justin did look like a movie star in the back of that limo, with those sunglasses on. Cody cracked me up with that bowling pose. Praying for ya'll.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Glad you had some fun and sun before the rains hit on Sunday. The pictures are great - lots of wonderful memories.

Happy birthday to Justin.

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)